The Cape - Episode 1.03 - Dice

30 Oct 2010 Fermi 1 Comments
Episode 1.03 of The Cape will be called "Dice"


Chuck Synopsis

27 Oct 2010 Fermi 0 Comments

Chuck tries to prove himself by going on a hazardous mission; Casey and Morgan try to cover when the "Buy Morons” investigate Greta’s (Summer Glau) identity. Richard Chamberlain also guests in the episode.


27 Oct 2010 Fermi 0 Comments

This will be the new home of the wiki of awesomeness, the domain will be transfered in a couple of days.
All members need to Rejoin
Thank you for your support Summer Glau Rules!!!!!


Testing new site

22 Oct 2010 Fermi 1 Comments



The wetpaint ship is sinking, but the wiki of awesomeness will live forever

cuz Summer Glau Rules!!

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