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The Cape - Episode 1.07 - The Lich, Part 1 - Press Release

NBC has released their official description for episode 1.07 of The Cape called "The Lich, Part 1", airing on Monday, 14th of February.


Orphaned since birth, Conrad Chandler (guest star Glenn Fitzgerald), the heir of one of Palm City’s founders, exacts revenge on the public and threatens to paralyze and control the city. The Cape (David Lyons) and Max (Keith David) alert Marty (Dorian Missick) of the impending danger to the city, which backfires on The Cape. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Prisons, Patrick Portman (guest star Richard Schiff), aids Orwell (Summer Glau) in her search for the lone heir. Orwell locates Conrad through Netta (guest star Illeana Douglas), his mysterious caretaker, but soon discovers his deeply disturbing past and finds herself in danger. Elsewhere, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her new social life.

Also starring James Frain (Peter Fleming), Ryan Wynott (Trip), Martin Klebba (Rollo) and Anil Kumar (Ruvi).

Source : NBC

Date: 29 Jan 2011 | Comments (0)

The Cape - Episode 1.11 : Title revealed

Episode 1.11 is entitled "A Game of Chess."

The episode sounds very Chess related, he gets to have a "romp" with sexy twins.

Source : Spoilertv

Date: 28 Jan 2011 | Comments (0)

Audio interview with Summer Glau at "Hey Get Off My Lawn"

On this 5 minutes interview, Summer talks about Orwell, autographs and Texans (she is a San Antonio native).

Link : Hey, Get Off My Lawn

Date: 26 Jan 2011 | Comments (3)

The Cape - Episode 1.07 "The Lich, part 1" : Short Synopsis

"The Cape and Max try to alert Marty of an impending threat to Palm City, but their attempt backfires; Orwell receives some help from the Secretary of Prisons (Richard Schiff)."

Note: Episode 1.07 was previously called "Ghosts of Palm City", and Episode 1.08 was called "Beauty and The Lich". Thomas Wheeler changed that to a 2-parter episode hence the part 1 on the title.
"He’s called The Lich and has a problem keeping his skin from rotting, so he has the appearance of a corpse,” Wheeler reveals.

Source : Spoilertv

Date: 26 Jan 2011 | Comments (4)

The Cape 1.04 "Scales" Ratings : Bad News

The Cape :
5.89 millions viewers and 1.6 in 18-49 demo.

These numbers will be discussed in the Ratings and Audience thread on the forum

Source: pifeedback

Date: 25 Jan 2011 | Comments (2)

Promo Video - The Cape 1.05 "Dice"

The Cape Episode 1.05 - "Dice" airs on Monday, January 31th at 9pm.


Episode Summary : Tracey Jarrod, a young intellectual masquerading as Dice, comes to Palm City seeking revenge on Chess for her father's death. Meanwhile, Chess as Peter Fleming and the ARK Corporation plan to reveal a special device, inspired by Jarrod and stolen from her father, which could change Palm City. The Cape is forced to help his archenemy upon realizing that to take Chess down he has to keep him alive. Rollo, Ruvi, Raia, and Max help Vince master new skills as he fights to accept how his choices affect his wife and son.
Date: 25 Jan 2011 | Comments (8)

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