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The Cape - 1.08 The Lich Promo Video

NBC has released the promo video for next episode entitled The Lich Part 2, episode 8, airs February 21, 2011.

Press Release : The Cape , Max and Rollo are forced to rely on Dana’s  legal connections to help them discover The Lich’s whereabouts. Heavily entranced by Conrad Chandler’s potent serum, Orwell  struggles to fight off the physiological and mental effects of the strong dose. Meanwhile, Netta’s (guest star Illeana Douglas) strange loyalty to The Lich is clarified. In a sedated, weak state, Orwell drifts between reality and fantasy sequences, which slowly reveal her history and past.



Vince will try to rescue Orwell from The Lich. And we will learn more about Orwell's backstory. This is the episode you don't want to miss.


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The Cape - Episode 7 The Lich 9/8c on NBC tonight

Don't miss The Cape - Episode 7 The Lich 9/8c on NBC tonight

Previous episodes are available at Amazon :
Goggles and Hicks [HD]
Scales [HD]
TheCape - Pilot [HD]

Thomas Wheeler had this to say about the episode:

"We have a big two-part episode where we introduce a huge villain of our season and a great cast with Glenn Fitzgerald, Illeana Douglas and Tom Noonan from The X-Files. It’s a really great group of actors. That’s our big mid-season, two-parter. It has huge implications for Summer Glau’s character, Orwell, and sets in motion a storyline that is pretty intense for her character...I recently saw what will be our seventh episode, and I can say that I’m super-excited for that villain... it also takes The Cape to a much darker, scarier place than I even thought we could go. It just opened up this whole new arena, genre wise, for us to tackle. It’s our The X-Files episode. It’s cool. It’s really fun. I thick people will like it."

Does that villain have a name?

"He’s called The Litch. There’s a legend in Palm City of an almost supernatural crime lord called The Litch, but nobody has ever seen him or heard from him. He just exists in these old police files where you throw these cases of things too weird, creepy, violent or scary. Essentially, someone connected to Rollo’s (Martin Klebba) life dies, but then appears to have climbed out of their coffin and out of their grave. It starts this really tense mystery, and is cloaked in this Palm City family founder legend of this Chandler family. We’ll get to know Palm City better. We’ll get to know the history, and we’ll get to know Rollo’s life a little bit better. It’s fun. It’s cool."

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Episode 1.07 The Lich Discussion Thread

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Summer Glau should win in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011

Summer Glau should win in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011
Summer Glau photoshoot for Esquire

FHM magazine ask their readers to vote for the 100 Sexiest Women of the year. This is a major poll, probably the leader for the "beauty contest" genre, in a major magazine.

Summer Glau can count on our support. We're not afraid to show to the world how beautiful she is. Especially after she decided to make the beautiful Esquire photoshoot.

Summer past results in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the world: 2010 #26 | 2009 #16

That would be amazing to see Summer Glau in the top ten or even wins this year!

Update : Summer Glau is 37th on FHM Sexiest Women 2011 listYou can vote at FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 using your Twitter, Facebook or FHM account. Voting ends on Mars, 31th.

FHM UK Top 100 Sexiest HQ Scans (no text)
(click on pictures to view larger size)

Summer Glau FHM's 100 Sexiest WomenSummer Glau FHM’s 100 Sexiest WomenSummer Glau FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women


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Press Release The Cape Episode 9 Razor



02/28/2011 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Monday) : THE CAPE, MAX MALINI AND THE CARNIVAL MISFITS INFILTRATE SCALES AND HIS GANG TO PROTECT PALM CITY- LIL ROMEO, ELLIOT GOULD AND SLAINE GUEST-STAR--Concerned about the protection of his gang’s city territory, Scales (Vinnie Jones) makes a controversial pact with Fleming (James Frain) and plans to bring a dangerous villain, Razer (guest star Grant Bowler), to the city. Vince (David Lyons) intercepts Razer’s arrival, disguises himself as the villain and infiltrates the inner circle of Scales and his gang. Meanwhile, Fleming battles internally with his alter ego, Chess, and Orwell (Summer Glau) remains in a dreary state, hinting at a uncertain future.

Source: NBC

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Esquire Loves Summer

Esquire put the Summer Glau fandom to fire by unveiling a video clip from Summer's recent shoot for the "A Woman We Love" section of the magazine, shot in Malibu by Brian Bowen Smith.  In the Esquire interview published in the March 2011 issue of the magazine, Summer talks everyday life, ballet, sports cars and more. Lovely. Amazing. Breathtaking.
See by yourself!
Summer Glau photo shoot for Esquire by Brian Bowen SmithSummer Glau photo shoot for Esquire by Brian Bowen SmithSummer Glau photo shoot for Esquire by Brian Bowen SmithSummer Glau photo shoot for Esquire by Brian Bowen Smith
Gallery link:

Photo and video credit : Brian Bowen Smith

Summer Glau photoshoot for EsquireSummer Glau photoshoot for EsquireSummer Glau photoshoot for EsquireSummer Glau photoshoot for Esquire

Gallery link:
- Photoshoots > Esquire - Brian Bowen Smith > Esquire Preview Video

Music by Soft Black "We Scatter Light" (2011)
Hair by Alex Polillo for The Wall Group
Makeup by Billy B. for Art Department
Styling by Contanze Lyndsay Han
Clothing provided by Akiko Ogawa, Camilla and Marc, Commando, Cosabella, Emilio Pucci, Joe's Jeans, L*Space, Tom's, World of Vintage T-Shirts Los Angeles, VIX
The house in the video is located at 30708 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California. In some of the scenes, Summer Glau is wearing a turquoise blue Truckers Excuse t-shirt.

Read the interview on Esquire.

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Gallery Update Goggles and Hicks

Gallery Update Goggles and Hicks

Episode 5 Goggles and Hicks Screencaps (1280X720) added to the Summer Glau fanfusion gallery.
We hope you liked the show and will join the discussion in our episode thread
 The episode is available on Amazon Goggles and Hicks [HD] You can also watch the episode on NBC (no region blocking)

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