Summer Glau talks @ Winter TCA

14 Jan 2011 Fermi 3 Comments
Summer Glau talks @ Winter TCA

Summer Glau was asked about her status as a "fanboy's pinup," and she said that it makes her feel supported. "I don't want that love to go away." As for her role as the mysterious Orwell on The Cape, Glau said the part has forced to grow because it's "more sophisticated, more complicated." While Orwell's backstory is still an enigma, Glau says that in every episode, "we find out more of what she's capable of."

Interview : Summer Glau and James Frain talk about their characters

13 Jan 2011 chrisdvanne 0 Comments

Two Cents brought together Summer Glau and James Frain for a short and refreshing interview.

Summer Glau says : "I’m trying to create a character that people want to know more about."

Read full interview on The Two Cents

Do you have a question for Summer Glau?

12 Jan 2011 Fermi 1 Comments

@Buddytv made a tweet they are going to interview Summer tomorrow. Send them your question now, if you have one.

Quote (BuddyTV)
Have a question for The Cape's Summer Glau or James Frain? Send em my way. Interviewing tomorrow (Tell me who they're for!)

Promo trailer - Episode 1.03 "KOZMO"

12 Jan 2011 chrisdvanne 5 Comments

We have a first look at next Monday episode titled 'Kozmo'; amazing promo trailer!

See what everyone is saying about the new series The Cape. Mondays at 9/8c on NBC.

Summer says : "Orwell has a "complicated" relationship with Vince Faraday"

11 Jan 2011 chrisdvanne 1 Comments

Summer Glau told the Los Angeles Times: "I know from my perspective [and] the way that I'm playing Orwell how I feel about Vince and what I'm trying to portray throughout the episodes that we've already shot. I'm really interested to see what people think and if they're picking up on what I'm trying to express."

Answer our poll on the forum : Would you like a Orwell/Vince romance ?

Full article : Digital Spy

The Cape - Episode 1.04 - Scales on a Train - Promotional Photos

11 Jan 2011 chrisdvanne 2 Comments
The Cape - Episode 1.04 - Scales on a Train - Promotional Photos

More Orwell in disguise. (Full size images on the Photo Gallery)

Source : TvSpoiler

Official description for "Scale on a Train"

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