Buddytv Interview: Summer Glau and James Frain

17 Jan 2011 Fermi 3 Comments

Buddytv Interview with Summer Glau and James Frain. They talked about Orwell's secrets and Chess' motivations -- and they answered some of the questions the fans wanted to ask.

Read the interview here

Summer Glau sheds some light on Orwell

17 Jan 2011 Fermi 4 Comments
Summer Glau sheds some light on Orwell

Summer Glau says that she is happy to be playing a TV character who has normal human emotions.

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from zaptoit here

Teentelevision chatting with Summer Glau

15 Jan 2011 Fermi 3 Comments
Teentelevision chatting with Summer Glau

Teentelevision had a chat with Summer Glau her mysterious character and about her wardrobe, cool cars, her hot co-star and her amazing stunts.. including swinging high above the ground on silk ropes. Read the interview here

Access Hollywood Video: Summer Glau & David Lyons Interview

15 Jan 2011 Fermi 0 Comments

New Access video interview with Summer Glau and David Lyons at the 2011 NBC Winter TCAs about the fan response they have gotten to "The Cape."

Interview: The Arch Enemy and the Girl Friday

15 Jan 2011 chrisdvanne 0 Comments

Another chat with Summer Glau and James Frain.

Summer says : "Vince might see Orwell as his Girl Friday, but in Orwell’s eyes, she’s allowing Vince into her fight against her cause. She’s really guarded and in control . But she’s also more lonely and vulnerable than she’d like to admit, and we’ll see in the future what it does to her when she admits what he means to her and their common fight."

Read full interview on Poptimal

Press-release episode 5

15 Jan 2011 Fermi 3 Comments
Press-release episode 5

01/31/2011 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Monday) : THE CAPE FACES OFF AGAINST A YOUNG SAVANT WHO CHALLENGES THE FATE OF PALM CITY-- MENA SUVARI GUEST STARS –Peter Fleming -- aka Chess (James Frain) -- and the ARK Corporation prepare to unveil a special device that may alter the fate of Palm City. Tracey Jerrod -- aka Dice (guest star Mena Suvari), -- a young savant and inspiration for the device, emerges and targets Chess to avenge her father’s death. Realizing he must keep his enemy alive in order to fully destroy him, Vince -- aka The Cape (David Lyons) -- suddenly finds himself defending his archnemesis. With the help of Rollo (Martin Klebba), Ruvi (Anil Kumar), Raia (Izabella Mike) and Max (Keith David), Vince attempts to master new skills and also tries to accept how his choices will affect his wife, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son, Trip (Ryan Wynott).

Also starring: Summer Glau (Orwell), Vinnie Jones (Scales) and Dorian Missick (Marty)

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