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Summer attends Wizard World Austin Day 3

Today is the last day for Wizard World Austin folks to see Summer Glau and her Firefly co-stars Jewel Staite and Sean Maher, as they head back out to greet more fans! Yesterday was quite the eventful day  and I hope this one will be even better. Wish you a wonderful day in Austin!  ... Read more ➜

Summer attends Wizard World Austin Day 2

All of Austin’s true nerds are dressed up for Wizard World Austin this weekend! Texas native Summer Glau is there too, for her first public appearance after the birth of her second daughter, so be sure to congratulate the second time mom. When she and Val are not busy bottle feeding their two daughters, Summer will took part in photo ops (solo and group) and signing with the fans, along with a panel with her Firefly co-stars Jewel Staite and Sean Maher. You can check out photos from the event and panel in our gallery now. ... Read more ➜

Fan-made Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 3

A group of fans is making a 3D animated Season 3 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and we love it.

Although the show has been canceled for many years, Chinese fans have decided to keep up the fight and used their 3D skills to make an animated TSCC season 3, based on 'Born to Fight', a TSCC season 3 fanfiction by River2027. The first episode of their TSCC season 3, titled "Born in the Past", is set in the year 2024 and follows John Connor after the time jump from the season finale of the original TV series. ... Read more ➜

Summer joins Emerald City Comic Con

Firefly returns to Emerald City Comic Con with Summer Glau and her on-screen brother Sean Maher. The convention runs March 1 - 4, 2018 at the WA State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. For now Summer is listed as a guest from Friday to Sunday on the ECCC website but she will probably be appearing on Saturday and Sunday only (I will keep you informed). The following is a list of currently available information. ... Read more ➜

Summer and Val welcome their second child

A wonderful family now with two little princess! 

If you're wondering why Summer is scarce on TV lately, we have the answer! Summer welcomed in early October her second child with husband Val — and it's a girl named Sunny Isabou (that's cute)! ... Read more ➜

Convention stories : Gregg's trip to Nashville to meet Summer

It's every fan's dream to meet our favourite celebrities. Gregg drove all the way from Iowa to meet Summer at Wizard World Nashville - it was a 14 hour drive, but as he half-jokingly told me, "I would have drove 14 days if I had to" - and it was totally worth it! You can read it for yourself after the break. ... Read more ➜

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