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Summer Glau signing autographs at the NBC Upfronts in NYC

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Summer Glau signed autographs at the NBC Upfront 2010 presentation in New York City.

Year: 2010
Author: Summer Glau Channel
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 06 Sep 2016, 14:28 GMT

Yeah Sum babe. She looked awesome in that dress with that really nice heart-shaped locket.  Nice to be a little nostalgic.

Btw, for TSCC fans, this is only a little thing but I viewed this video to see how she holds a pen.  It answers a question that I should have checked out ages ago.
When she played Allison from Palmdale, she wrote her name holding the pen in a child-like way and wrote her name Alison with one L.
Whereas, in Automatic For The People, when she was sitting at a table in the Connor house drawing a barcode ID for the Serrano Point, she held the pen in the same manner that she did when she signed autographs above.
I now suspect that scene was actually done by another person's arm & hand, spelling it the same way that Alison is written in the script.  If it was in fact Summer's hand, then she must have purposefully held the pen differently to reflect the different personality of Allison (very clever if it is true and probably not picked up by anybody).

Here is a segment of the script, where the name is only ever spelt with one L.  The name appears 31 times:

Alison:My name? Why should I tell you?
Terminator: If you don't we'll give you one.
Alison: Go ahead. I'm dying to hear it.
Alison: Alison! Alison Young!

If anyone ever goes to a ComicCon, perhaps you could ask her who wrote her enrolment form at the Street Kids' hostel where Rita was the counsellor.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 07 Sep 2016, 17:23 GMT

There's a description and photos of Summer's H&M dress in the "Clothes & Outfits" page (scroll down the page) and of Summer's Tarina Tarantino necklace in the "Jewelry & Accessories" page.

  Message #3 | KevinInEngland | 07 Sep 2016, 18:06 GMT

Thanks Chris.  I had a look at both links.  I'm not just saying this but whether Summer makes all her own choices or perhaps her sisters or mother help her, they always turn out right.  Some look better on her than on a model or dummy.

The heart pendant was that cheap: £145.  I know it is still expensive but looks very flashy. (Lucite Chain Heart Necklace ).

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 07 Sep 2016, 18:22 GMT

I'm surprised you didn't mention the similarity of Summer's outfit with the clothes of women in a 70's series, Logan's Run.

Judge by yourself with the comparison photo I posted in the forum.

  Message #5 | KevinInEngland | 07 Sep 2016, 18:43 GMT

Oh yes.  I get the theme now, except that Summer never showed us her drawers. (I don't know why they are called that in slang since before the 70s).

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