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Wondercon 2009 - Interview with Summer Glau

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Wondercon 2009 - SideWalks TV Interview with Summer Glau.

SideWalks TV interviews Summer Glau about her character Cameron Phillips on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles at WonderCon 2009.
In this interview with SIDEWALKS host Richard R. Lee, which was taped at the 2009 WonderCon convention, Summer Glau talked about her work in Firefly, her favorite moments playing a female Terminator in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and what future acting role she would like.
The interview is also known for the hugs Richard got at the end of the interview.
Summer looks very cute in her Batgirl t-shirt and is her adorable self as usual.

Richard R. Lee own words on this interview:
"I wasn't expecting to interview Summer that day. I have to admit I got a little nervous right before, because I was fan of her's from my favorite show, Firefly. In the interview, I told her that and in the end she gave me a hug, which I wasn't expecting. She is really cool.
Our videographer JP was jealous, too. He, as well, is a fan of Firefly, too. We kept joking about my "hug" throughout the day.Richard Sidewalks"

Watch photos of Summer Glau, Shirley Manson and Josh Friedman at WonderCon 2009 at

IGN Interview at Wondercon 2009 - Summer-Glau


Year: 2009
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