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Summer Glau and Fiance Val at Edmonton Expo

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Summer Glau, accompanied by her fiancé Val, interacts with fans and signs autographs during the Edmonton Entertainment and Comic Expo on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014.
For the record, the Canadian convention will go down in the history of the Summer Glau fandom as the place where we learned Summer Glau was pregnant and that she and Val are expecting a girl, due in January 2015.And while there has been no official announcement since she has no presence online, Summer did not shy away from speaking about her pregnancy with her fans (her baby bump was clearly showing anyway), who later reported it. We cannot resist reproducing here @birdkittyme's excitement as she mentioned it on Twitter:

Pic with Summer Glau and baby bump it's a girl, taken by Summer's fiancé. And they are both so excited for baby, due in January. Fangirl feels over the way Summer's fiancé looked as he said it's a girl at maximum capacity!

Congratulations to the future mommy and future daddy! We would like to wish Summer, Val and the soon to be born little angel all the best and wish them happiness and good health for the future ahead.
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