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The Summer Glau Mixes - Part 1 Intro: Who are you anyway?

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Who is Summer Glau? Edited excerpts from Summer's appearances in various TV Ep's and films. Clips and times below:0:00 as herself - The Big Bang Theory S02E170:10 as Orwell - The Cape SE1E030:18 as Cameron Allison from Palmdale - TSCC S02E040:22 as Natalia Suttinger - The Human Preservation Project0:28 as Orwell Anna Orlando - The Cape S01E020:34 as Cameron Cindy - TSCC S02E020:39 as Orwell Diane Simmone - The Cape S01E020:44 as Bennett Halverson - Dollhouse S02E060:49 as Cameron - TSCC S01E010:56 as Orwell Julia - The Cape S01E031:14 as Greta - Chuck S04E081:33 as Cameron TSCC S01E061:49 as River Tam - Firefly S01E101:55 as Lindsey Goodwin - The Initiation of Sarah1:57 as Orwell - The Cape S01E032:06 as Cameron - TSCC S02E112:12 as herself with Eliza Dushku - hosting Fox's Double Feature night2:26 as Cameron - TSCC S02E082:28 as Christine Prancer - Help For The Holidays2:33 as River Tam Firefly S01E052:41 as Tess Doerner - The 4400 S03E082:49 as River Tam - Firefly S01E142:56 as Skylar Adams - Alphas S01E073:03 as Greta - Chuck S04E083:48 as Orwell - The Cape S01E013:58 as herself - The Big Bang Theory S02E17

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Author: Sal Frank
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