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Video of the Firefly panel at ECCC - Summer Glau and Sean Maher discuss life as the Tams

Summer Glau and Sean Maher at ECCC 2018  - Photo by @FrogPhoto
Summer Glau and Sean Maher at ECCC 2018 - Photo by @FrogPhoto

Here's the full video of the Firefly panel with Summer and Sean Maher from Emerald City Comic Con, thanks to SYFY Wire who will be streaming from ECCC throughout the weekend.  Constantly laughing and mocking each other over various things, the two Tams answered questions about everything related to River and Simon, as well as their experiences working on Firefly, Serenity and about the Whedonverse.

Those of you familiar with the Buffyverse will notice that the panel is hosted by Glory herself, aka Clare Kramer.


Watch images of Summer and Sean first day at the convention here.

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