Video: Dad videograph 3

Thanks to our dedicated and sagacious member Fox012. We now got our hands on the final video from the Human Preservation Project dadvideograph 3


19 Nov 2011
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  Message #1 | Fox012 | 20 Nov 2011, 23:22 GMT [Entry]

Calling Summer Untalented is the understatement of the century

  Message #2 | Blazius | 20 Nov 2011, 04:09 GMT [Entry]

Agreed on that they unnecessarily overdid the shaking effects. It is very annoying!

If thats all then it didn't even remotely worth the hype they did for this.

But Summer is incredible even in this small role. Calling her talented is even an understatement!

I still think they could have made a neat series out of this with Natalia as a leading character but they are incredibly lazy.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 19 Nov 2011, 16:48 GMT [Entry]

So this is it, no more Natalia Suttinger ?
I wish there was something else.
Also their shaking videos effects are boring, not to mention we don't hear Natalia's voice.

  Message #4 | Fermi | 19 Nov 2011, 16:59 GMT [Entry]

I don't know, but I believe they are planning for more in the future, this was the test facilities. Which could mean that they will launch a new game, perhaps a new site.

  Message #5 | Fox012 | 19 Nov 2011, 17:40 GMT [Entry]

That would be Great To play a HPP game with Summer

But for now its Over no more Videos cry

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