Twitter Name Change

Following the change of the site name from Summer Glau Wiki to and in a spirit of consistency and efficiency, the Twitter handle of the account associated to the site has also changed. @Summerglauwiki will no longer be used and has been replaced with @summerglaucom
Changing the Twitter username will not affect the existing followers, direct messages, or @replies. The followers will simply see a new username next to the profile photo.  More, chrisdvanne will be managing @summerglaucom from now on. Expect bad jokes aplenty!
So be sure to follow @summerglaucom on Twitter for the latest news, articles, photos, videos on Summer Glau and much more.
Allow me to take this opportunity to take my hat off to my co-admins and founders of this fan site, Fermi and Charley_Dixon. While chrisdvanne is the most visible staff member of, Fermi and Charley have created the conditions for the success of this site by providing a clear vision of where we wanted this fan site to go and by their technical expertise. They are the one who are working behind-the-scenes to offer the fans new features and embellishments in a constant state of improvement.
And it paid off, judging from's number of visitors, the average visit length or the number of page views per visit.
Thank you to the fans that have helped get us where we are, thank you all for your support through this fansite and thank you for being here with us supporting everything related to Summer! We hope you like the new design of the site as much as we do. We are excited to continue to inform and entertain you as and now as @summerglaucom on Twitter.
14 Nov 2014
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