The Serenity cast hopes to make a trilogy in unearthed 2004 video interviews

The Serenity cast hopes to make a trilogy in unearthed 2004 video inte
The Serenity cast hopes to make a trilogy in unearthed 2004 video inte

I have managed to dig out a series of video interviews with the Firefly cast at the 'In Good Company' premiere on December 6, 2004. Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin chat to the (now defunct) movie website IESB about Serenity.

I wish the quality and the sound of the clips was better but keep in mind these interviews were not available online until now. Still, it's great to hear just how enthusiastic they all are, for not just this film but for the chances of a full trilogy (sic) as well.

Let me provide a little bit of context. The release date of Serenity had been being pushed back by Universal to make room for another blockbuster. However, Universal wanted the Serenity crew to get some exposure in anticipation of the release of Joss Whedon's space western due the following year, which is why Summer, Nathan (wearing a leather kilt!), Morena, Adam and Alan walked the red carpet at the world premiere of Universal's comedy 'In Good Company' (and also at the 'Meet The Fockers' premiere only 10 days later).

In these clips, the BDH talk about Serenity and the character they play in it; of course, they are sworn to secrecy but they were able to shed some light on their experience in returning to their Firefly characters. They also have a special message for their loyal fans (or 'flans' as Nathan calls them).

Check out below the interviews and see photos of our Big Damn Heroes all dressed up.

Uh, did they really spelled Summer's name "Blau" in the opening credits? Anyway, it's great to see Summer smiling and talking about the support they got from Universal and sharing anecdotes about the filming, like going to Universal theme park during lunch breaks. lol


It seems it has taken some time for Alan Tudyk to realize they were making a movie, to the point he was like "I haven't seen this episode before" when he saw the opening scene with River and Simon. Alan is always so fun to watch!


Once and for all, Morena explains what a "Companion" does in Joss Whedon's universe!


Nathan Fillion is taking Captain No Pants to another level by wearing a (utility) kilt. Also do you know what a flan is? You'll have the answer at the end of this hilarious interview. Nathan rules in so many ways!


I hope you guys enjoyed these interviews. Joss seems to have a gift for attracting Hollywood's most sincere, dedicated, decent and talented actors for his projects. Feel free to leave a comment below!

24 Mar 2017
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Mar 2017, 19:39 GMT

I love how grounded and real everyone associated with Serenity seems to be -- no slick Hollywood soundbites, just honest, from-the-heart sweetness and warmth.

  Message #2 | Admirator | 25 Mar 2017, 12:56 GMT

Cool Summer smile , nice always smile .

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