The Cape - Episode 1.08 "The Lich, part 2" : Short Synopsis

"The Cape, Rollo and Max need Dana's legal connections to help them find The Lich; Orwell struggles to fight the effects of Conrad Chandler's (the Lich itself) potent serum."

Source : Spoiler TV

Wiki note : Episode 1.08 was previously called "Beauty and The Lich" ( Episode 1.07 was previously called "Ghosts of Palm City" ). Thomas Wheeler changed that to a 2-parter episode hence the part 2 on the title.
"He’s called The Lich and has a problem keeping his skin from rotting, so he has the appearance of a corpse,” Wheeler reveals.

01 Feb 2011
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For more information about the two-parter episode, you can read the Press Release for Episode 1.07 - The Lich, Part 1 on this wiki.

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Who is Glenn Fitzgerald, playing The Lich?

Quote (Wikipedia)
Glenn Fitzgerald (born December 21, 1971) is an American actor who has had over 30 roles in movies or television series (of which CSI : Miami). He played the character of Sean in The Sixth Sense. Some of his other movies include Series 7: The Contenders, Neal Cassady, Confess, Flirting With Disaster and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

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