‘The Animated Adventures Of Firefly’ teaser gets you right in the gorram feels

‘The Animated Adventures Of Firefly’ teaser trailer
‘The Animated Adventures Of Firefly’ teaser trailer

Nearly two years ago, comic book artist and animator Stephen Byrne has teased us with little glimpses of an animated Firefly series that might have been. And now, Byrne has released the following teaser trailer for 'The Animated Adventures of Firefly', with an interesting message, “SOON.”

In only 39 seconds, Byrne captures a lot of the atmosphere of Joss Whedon’s series—the mournful violin music, Reavers leaping out of the shadows — while incorporating some new elements such as a Wash hologram or little bots that River of course beats up one by one.

Soon? Like how soon? Is this really happening? Alas, The Animated Adventures of Firefly isn’t an actual series and Byrne noted that while “it’s as real as your heart wants it to be,” it’s not an official Firefly project...but perhaps the “soon” message is pointing to a longer video in our future? Because Mal said it himself: You can’t stop the signal.

16 Aug 2016
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  Message #1 | Admirator | 17 Aug 2016, 18:24 GMT

I guess he has 3d computer models of almost everything needed. This could be good! Good work to Stephen Byrne smile .

  Message #2 | Metal | 21 Aug 2016, 12:05 GMT

It's great news, but the perfectionist that I am I wished they drawn them better, more naturally. This feels a little bit boring and unoriginal. ;3 

But whatever, it will be great to have something Firefly with the original cast, in case they hire them. For all I care I need even only Fillion, Adam and Summer and I could as happy as fucking clam. xD 
If they make it more "serious" anatomically it would've been really awesome, but hey it will never be as good as some japanese or some western animations, like Fire and Ice f.e. And certainly not as great as live action. But I guess it's good news. 

I would be happy if they cast Summer. smile

  Message #3 | Metal | 28 Aug 2016, 02:28 GMT

So just click bait on his side? :P 

Either way, whether it's a game or a movie, animation, series, etc., even a comix :P I don't care all that much. :3 

It's sad ppl and other living creatures have to age and die, it robs us of so much art. :P

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