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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme Lifelight gets a TSCC cover

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme Lifelight gets a TSCC cover
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme Lifelight gets a TSCC cover

Inspired by Lifelight, the main vocal theme for Nintendo's video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, our friend Chhai Tea mixed lyrics he composed himself with footage from the Terminator universe.

Check out this original fan-made music video, titled Terminator the Lifelight Chronicles, below and read a few words from Chhai about the making of his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme Lifelight cover



The idea for this video came about when I first listened to the official release of the song Lifelight for the video game Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This was around the same time that I completed my first watch of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles. A moment of inspiration hit me at that time. The tune and meaning behind the song Lifelight struck a chord with not just TSCC but the Terminator franchise as a whole. I decided that I wanted to make a music video where I would create lyrics that had to do with Terminator as opposed to Super Smash Bros.

So, I began the groundwork for the video right then and there. The lyric writing process was the hardest part. I did as best as I could to compose original lyrics and not leave in any from the original song. The one lyric that I did leave in, “No escape, no greater fate to be made” ties in with something that Terminator used as a theme; the concept of fate and that no matter how much we try and change it, it is destined to occur.

When making the video, I wanted a nice blend of footage from both the first two movies and TSCC itself to follow the timeline established in the show. Most importantly, I wanted to emphasize scenes involving the future war, something that TSCC did not cover as much in depth compared to T1 and T2.

And as you may have noticed in the lyrics and much of the TSCC footage, I had a heavy bias towards the inclusion of Summer Glau’s Cameron because she made the most impact on me through her backstory and character development. Plus, the way that Summer portrayed Cameron with such subtlety and finesse won me over as a fan.


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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 19 Mar 2019, 19:00 GMT

Chhai and the people who helped him clearly put a lot of work into the making of this music video and the final result is impressive. Congrats to everyone involved!

  Message #2 | ampertox | 19 Mar 2019, 19:50 GMT [Entry]

I watched it this morning, I really liked, congrats to you and your team!
But... why so short? Honestly, I expected it to be longer, it left me somehow frustrated, you know, "good food but take just a small bit" tongue

When the next one?

  Message #3 | ctann | 19 Mar 2019, 20:19 GMT [Entry]

I wished I could have made it longer! Unfortunately, that was also the length of the original song and I don't have the advanced skills to make an extended version sad
But I'm glad that you enjoyed it! smile
The next one will come when I get more inspiration, I promise!

  Message #4 | Admirator | 20 Mar 2019, 06:33 GMT

Congratulations, for your so well-made video, but also for your music/lyrics and for Charlene's contribution with her vocals! Well done smile !

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