Summer Tops Project Teddy Bear Auction

Summer Glau Tops Project Teddy Bear Auction
Summer Glau's bear
tops Project Teddy
Bear auction.

The auction run by as a way to raise money for The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is over and Summer Glau’s package including a stuffed bear with a tag signed by her and a picture of her with the bear was sold for $255.

While we will have to wait until Lisa Spodak publish the final numbers, it seems Summer's teddy bear topped the list of bears signed by celebrities at this year Project Teddy Bear auctions and was the only auction to hit the $200 mark.

Here are the winning bids for a fews celebs: Summer's bear was sold for $255 (see picture below), Torchwood and Arrow's John Barrowman for $192.50, Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd for $57, Arrow's Colin Donnell for $26, Chuck's Zachary Levi for $144.50, Firefly and Chuck's Adam Baldwin for $76, Firefly and Stargate's Jewel Staite for $46, Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones for $51, Buffy's James Marsters for $76, to name a few.

Congratulation to the winners of the auctions.

Winning bid for Summer Glau's singed teddy bear


This year auction did not score as high as in a previous auction, in which Summer's bear set a new record and was sold for $2,007. Still, it's great to see that Summer has dedicated fans.

Side note: To receive a copy of the picture, all you have to do is donate $20 at The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, then email the receipt and your address to


25 Oct 2013
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  Message #1 | robbo | 25 Oct 2013, 03:31 GMT [Entry]

That`s wonderful news regarding The Teddy Bear Auction, fantastic amount of money raised for Summer Glau`s package the dedicated fans should be really proud of what they achieved, Summer Glau will be over the moon with the news about The Teddy Bear Auction final result. well done. smile

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 25 Oct 2013, 08:17 GMT [Entry]

This is really impressive, especially when you know that the Project Teddy Bear official Twitter account advertised massively the auction, targeting the actors and tv shows fandom - Firefly, Torchwood, Stargate, ...
Summer's fans are very dedicated.

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