Summer Signing Autographs for Fans at Comikaze

Summer Glau Signs Autographs for Fans at Comikaze

For your viewing pleasure, here's a short video of Summer signing autographs and chatting with her fans at her booth at Comikaze Expo 2015. As shown in this clip, fans love to meet her at conventions because she treats them with kindness and respect. Summer is truly a classy person.

This clip also shows Summer's personal assistant at Comikaze. Celebrity handlers are indispensable when it comes to running a smooth operation at a “fan-friendly” convention. Which, in itself, can pose unique opportunities and unique challenges as they prepare for close encounters with the fans. Our hats are off to them for their work at the service of the convention and the celebrities.

07 Nov 2015
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 07 Nov 2015, 07:28 GMT

Did you spot the River Tam cosplay waiting in line to get Summer's autograph?

  Message #2 | REG | 07 Nov 2015, 12:37 GMT

The girl in the green dress? I didn't really notice the first time. I had to watch it again. My eyes were elsewhere smile

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 08 Nov 2015, 01:05 GMT

I'm pretty sure she's cosplaying River Tam, all the more so as her father (I presume) is cosplaying Jayne Cobb...and wearing Jayne's hat of course biggrin

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