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KevinInEngland on: Summer Glau signing autographs at the NBC Upfronts in NYC

chrisdvanne on: Summer Glau signing autographs at the NBC Upfronts in NYC

KevinInEngland on: Summer Glau signing autographs at the NBC Upfronts in NYC

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Summer's role in 'Help for the Holidays'

Added by chrisdvanne on Aug 15, 2012 | 10 COMMENTS

We learned earlier today that Summer Glau is filming for US channel Hallmark a new Christmas movie titled 'Help for the Holidays', co-starring Eva LaRue and Scotty Spicks Jr. (see photos below).

Warning : spoilers after the photo!!

Check previous News : Scotty Spicks Jr onset with Summer Glau.


Eva Maria LaRue and Scotty Spicks Jr in 'Helping for the Holidays'

Here's a short synopsys for  'Help for the Holidays', revealing Summer Glau's role :
Eva LaRue play an overly busy mom with no Christmas spirit, and Summer Glau plays an elf that saves LaRue's family!


Source : Eva LaRue official Twitter account.
We hope we will be able to give you more informations in the following days.


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Total comments: 10

  Message #1 | Cam | 2012 Aug 15, 21:46 GMT

Hm.... sounds like a cliche plot, but I'm looking forward to it! biggrin

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Aug 15, 21:49 GMT

What part about 'Christmas movie' did you not understand tongue

  Message #3 | Alex | 2012 Aug 15, 22:10 GMT

OK, well, I stand corrected. I thought that she would at least be human but apparently there is a supernatural element. So since we have an elf with presumably magical powers, this would remove the religious overtones and perhaps it opens the door for ogres. If she saves the family, exactly what is she saving them from? Themselves? My money is on the ogre. This could mean swordplay.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Aug 15, 22:24 GMT

I'm not an expert of these Christmas movies but i think Cam is right; this is a cliche spot.
Usually, these movies emphasize on the family drama and not so much on the supernatural element.

Would be fun to watch Summer in one of those movies biggrin

  Message #5 | The1Russter | 2012 Aug 15, 22:27 GMT

Elf? Major eye rolling going on over here. It doesn't require an elf to spread the Christmas Spirit. I wish Hallmark had left the cheese on the sideboard instead of having it in its scripts.

  Message #6 | Kevin Wales | 2012 Aug 15, 23:02 GMT

I'll repeat what I said, as it seems to have disappeared.
Summer Glau is a lovely lady and I'm sure when it comes to Christmas she will have all the presents out, feverishly wrapping them and wondering what to buy for the kids in the family (if there are in fact any closely related anywhere in her circle). I believe Christmas should be left alone and for Summer to use her great elfy antics for entertainment. I would love to see her in tights and an elfy hat, tiptoeing around the floor, trying not to be trod on.
Funny coincidence she should be picked to be an elf, I am writing about a boy that is born small. The superstitious townsfolk accuse him of being an evil spirit. She must have known.
Many years ago I took my daughters to a kids entertainment beachfront holiday amusement park. I have PKD and the drive there nearly killed me. I moaned and moaned to the receptionist until she told me that she has to try and keep a positive happy aura all the time. I felt really bad after that and shut up.

  Message #7 | Hicks | 2012 Aug 16, 00:54 GMT

Sounds cute. But Hallmark is just as bad as Lifetime. And Summer is way too good for that. She can so get better roles. I swear, Summer Glau and Michael Biehn have 3 things in common, sci-fi actors, great talents, and can't get the roles they deserve.

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Aug 16, 05:24 GMT

I know Hollywood can do miracles but how is Eva Larue 46?!?!

  Message #9 | Fox012 | 2012 Aug 16, 14:09 GMT

Hmm Chris know's all the celebs wink Eva LaRue surprised <3

"Summer Glau plays an elf" the cutest elf thats to be seen ever wink

  Message #10 | Fermi | 2012 Aug 16, 17:48 GMT

I was rooting for the role to be Santa Glau biggrin

I am sure she will be the cutes elf ever.

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