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Summer meets her fans at FAN EXPO Canada

Nerd dreams DO come true!
Nerd dreams DO come true!

Summer is amongst a host of star names meeting fans at FAN EXPO Canada this weekend. Summer has already been thrilling fans with Photo Ops, signings and a fun filled Q&A.
Check out a selection of photo ops with fans that have kindly been shared online below. 

Be sure to check back regularly, over the weekend, for updates!

Images of Summer Glau from FAN EXPO CanadaImages of Summer Glau from FAN EXPO CanadaImages of Summer Glau from FAN EXPO CanadaImages of Summer Glau from FAN EXPO CanadaImages of Summer Glau from FAN EXPO CanadaImages of Summer Glau from FAN EXPO Canada



Images courtesy of: Philip Morangreglhay saviemonkey miranda.green42@FANEXPOCANADAlestalya


Scott kindly shared with us his experience meeting Summer at FANEXPO:

I am just writing to share my Summer story. In my own personal life I have had to deal with a lot of changes and  anxieties this year. That coupled with the fact that I found the event a little bit disorganized this year, I didn't really have the greatest experience to start my Fan Expo weekend.

Then I went to the Summer Glau's Q&A panel and this young woman who I didn't  know much about  except from Firefly, an appearance on the Big Bang Theory, and Arrow, put on a great panel.  After the panel was completed, I went out into the hallway and was going through my list of things that I wanted to do that day. Out comes, Summer still talking to her fans even though the panel was over and a not too happy looking security guard. I went up and said how much I liked her panel. She seemed pleased and gave me a firm handshake.

As I said, I was feeling a little bit down about things and was thinking about ways that maybe I could enhance my experience. A few years ago I bought this beautiful book about Firefly, some nice photo's and all the info you could possibly want to know about the show. I wanted to get a signature,  So I gathered up a few things that I  thought people might  be interested in  and sold them to a vendor.  Took the few dollars I made and went to Summer's  signing As I waited I was once again impressed. This woman took the time to talk to everyone who had come to see her.  Her assistant was also very pleasant to talk to.

When I finally got up to see Summer, I made a comment that she was my first actor autograph and she seemed flattered by that and that she was having a nice time in the city.

So the point  to my long winded e-mail is that she and Zachary Levi, two people I knew very little bit about, were able to take what I thought was going  be wash-out of a weekend and helped make into a nice one.


Don't forget to visit us tomorrow for photos of Summer's second day at the convention.

If you attended the event this weekend and would like to donate your photos, I would love to share your photos and experiences on the site, so please feel free to email me at – Full credit will be given.


24 Aug 2019
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