Summer In Studio Soon To Voice River In Firefly Game

Summer Glau to voice River Tam in 'Firefly Online' game

We learned recently that the entire cast of Firefly will lend their voices to a new online role-playing game, called Firefly Online. And now the game's website announced Summer Glau will hit the sound studio soon to record her parts and bring back River Tam to life (Well, at least her voice).
Yep, It’s true. The Big Damn Heroes have joined Firefly Online!
Nathan, Alan, Adam, Sean and Ron have already recorded their parts, and Morena, Jewel and Summer are on the schedule and will be in studio soon. And we’re currently working with Gina to find a time for her to record.
There’s an epic new story they’ll be helping tell (and when we say “epic”, we mean “EPIC”) and sidequests where you might just run into a familiar face.
In addition to the BDHs, Michael Fairman has joined the cast to reprise his role as Niska. We’ve already recorded Michael and his performance was nothing short of bone-chilling. Look forward to taking some jobs from Niska, if you dare!
We also have brand new characters for you to encounter and some amazing voice talent on board to bring them to life. Key among these are Kelly Hu and Michael Dorn, both of who are huge fans of Firefly and were delighted to lend their talent to the project. If you’re in San Diego this week, you can meet Kelly at QMx’s SDCC booth (#3249). Be sure to ask her about her about Whisper.
In the upcoming Firefly Online game, you take on the role of captain to hire a crew and lead them from one mission to another to stay afloat. Designed for the PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, the game is still in development and is scheduled for release in Spring 2015.
Who is excited by the possibility of hearing more dialogue and plot-development from THE cast?
As always, We will keep you informed on the development and release of this exciting project through our news section and dedicated forum thread.
04 Aug 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 04 Aug 2014, 08:21 GMT

For the record, Kelly Hu played China White in Arrow.

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