Summer Glau's Villain Announced, Firebug

The winner of The Cape villain contest has been announced during Monday's (02/28/2011) airing of "Razer".
The contest was announced by Summer Glau in a previous video.


The Winner is: Fire Bug by Volyman

There's a new bank robber in Palm City. A Bank robbing Pyromaniac toting twin flamethrowers, the media calls "FIRE BUG". No one dares oppose him. Malini suspects it might be Lucas Dante, disfigured by fire ex-Circus fire performer who might also be an arsonist Vince never was able to catch!

winner of The Cape villain contest

There is also a note from the shows creator Thomas Wheeler about the winner.

note from the shows creator Thomas Wheeler about the winner

Unfortunately The Cape already aired all its episodes. We don't think that we will be seeing the Firebug in action, but you never know. Maybe in the exclusive episode the creators of The Cape are prepping for us online fans.

See more villains at The Capes official site

01 Mar 2011
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 02 Mar 2011, 01:26 GMT [Entry]

Thanks Fermi.
The goal of the blog news is to back up the News page but with a different angle, not necessarily Summer Glau-centric, or it would be just copying. Hence the different title, the runner up presence.

  Message #2 | Fermi | 01 Mar 2011, 17:44 GMT [Entry]

I'm using a firefox add-on called Firebug that I found very useful when working websites.
GJ on the blog michelangelo
The villains are cool The Capers are very creative fans.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Mar 2011, 15:20 GMT [Entry]

This villain is the best!
Looks like Thomas Wheeler is best at picking up villains than writing interesting characters wink

Edit : i'm backing this news up in my blog

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Mar 2011, 17:00 GMT [Entry]

If you want to take a look at the three Runner Ups, you can visit my Blog Entry on this site The Cape's Submit Your Villain contest - The Winning Fan Villain is "Fire Bug".

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