Summer Glau protects THE CAPE

Summer Glau protects The Cape. Assignment x talks with Summer about her new series plus Dollhouse, Chuck and having something in common with her characters.

AX: Would you say Orwell has a little bit of Bennett and a little bit of Cameron in her, just as far as being a techno-genius?

GLAU: I would say that Orwell is very different from anything that I’ve played so far. I have to work on my technical [manner], because I am terrible – I can’t type very well and I don’t know anything about the latest gadgets [laughs], so Orwell is definitely teaching me to be more savvy with my technology.

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31 Jan 2011
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  Message #1 | gabidu25 | 28 Dec 2011, 13:53 GMT [Entry]

i like this pics and i like the role of summer to orwell. smile

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 31 Jan 2011, 23:37 GMT [Entry]

Quote (AssignmentX)
the thing that I was asking for was to be part of an ensemble cast where I would really be surrounded by actors who pushed me to be better

Maybe Summer feels she's not ready yet to have a show on her own; Eliza Dushku did it, so i don't know why Summer couldn't do it either.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Feb 2011, 00:00 GMT [Entry]

The more interview, the better!
Because it means more exposure for The cape and more potential viewers.

Of course hard-core fans could find it boring reading over and over the same thing; but not every potential watcher of the show spend his days reading these boards and the linked interviews.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 31 Jan 2011, 23:31 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for posting!

For once this interview vary a little from the others.

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