Summer Glau live tweeting during the finale of Alphas.

Twitter-ific that is something terrific you can find on Twitter.

Alphas's Azita Ghanizada tweeted earlier that Summer Glau may live tweet via the official Twitter account for Alphas


Now it has been confirmed by @AlphasSyfy that Summer Glau will be live tweeting during the season finale of Alphas on Monday at 8/7c.

This will be first time ever Summer is tweeting and an opportunity for fans to ask her questions online.

Here is the official tweet from Alphas:



19 Oct 2012
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  Message #1 | riversfeet | 20 Oct 2012, 08:16 GMT [Entry]

I live on the west coast.... so would it be 5pm for me to try and tweet Summer a question?

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Oct 2012, 16:46 GMT [Entry]

It depends; i usually watch it in the following days with the subtitles.

There's time i watch it live via legal streaming, like last Monday for example because Sean Astin was live tweeting and i wanted to be part of it. As you can see, i support the show, not only because Summer Glau plays in it.

  Message #3 | The1Russter | 20 Oct 2012, 18:52 GMT [Entry]

I foresee twitter crashing as hundred of rabid fans try to post their questions for Summer. smile

  Message #4 | Jay | 20 Oct 2012, 22:46 GMT [Entry]

Would you be able to give me the link so i can wait live please?

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 Oct 2012, 00:55 GMT [Entry]

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 Oct 2012, 00:56 GMT [Entry]

The number of rabid Summer Glau fans is very overrated, i expect less than 10 people tweeting.

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Oct 2012, 03:58 GMT [Entry]

If this live tweeting can bring more fans to watch the show live instead of recording it, that would be great.

  Message #8 | Jay | 20 Oct 2012, 16:08 GMT [Entry]

I wish I got watch it "live" but seeing as the UK is 5 episode behind I tend to get hold of it else where but that does not ad my view. Just out of Curiosity chrisdvanne, your from France so do you watch it the day it's broadcasted or do you get it else were? smile

  Message #9 | riversfeet | 20 Oct 2012, 06:23 GMT [Entry]

I'd like to ask Summer if she was glad she didn't have to wear funky hair this time around.

  Message #10 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Oct 2012, 00:21 GMT [Entry]

I'll probably be there, which means staying awake till 2am since i'm in France (i watch a Syfy stream online).
I must say that i was feeling a bit lonely last week when i tweeted live but i guess i'll have company this time wink

  Message #11 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Oct 2012, 00:33 GMT [Entry]

It'll be great to see friendly faces on Twitter next Monday.

That said, i had a hard time last Monday, watching the show, trying to understand the dialogs live (meaning without subtitles) and tweeting at the same time. lol

Edit : i just realise that you can follow, reply the @AlphasSyfy account directly from the news. Nice!

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