Summer Glau Birthday

The big day is getting closer and closer, on July 24, 2013 Summer Glau the most talented and inspiring person in the 'verse is celebrating her 32nd birthday.

We wish her a beautiful day full of laughter, cheers, and delightful celebrations with her loved once. We wish that all her birthday dreams and wishes come true, we wish her all success on upcoming project. We looking forward to see her succeed on her new show Arrow.

Over the years fans have made beautiful youtube video tributes for Summers birthday here are some:


by Chaingangz


by DaenaEventos




The Summer Glau Wiki 2013 calender music by John Anealio. We made this last year.

Extra bonus birthday video by the dedicated fanboy Fermi300. After seeing all the beautiful Summer Glau birthday tribute videos I decided to make the best birthday video ever! I was full of brilliant ideas, I draw sketches, I conducted advanced market research. I consulted experts from organizations, governments, oscar jury, academic and scientific communities , I drank gallon of coffee. Finally here is the awesome result just sit relax and enjoy the ride:


Note to all criticizer out there just remember one thing it is the thought that counts:P

Music by the brilliant site


Happy Birthday Summer Glau

Fans may leave their best birthday wishes in the comments.

23 Jul 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 23 Jul 2013, 20:03 GMT [Entry]

Summer Glau knows where she came from, knows where she’s at, carries herself with dignity, and appreciates her fans as much as they appreciate her as a result. That says a lot about how pretty she is not only on the outside but the inside as well.

Summer has the most loyal fanbase, let us all come together and wish her a happy birthday and the great success she deserves. We love you and wish you a happy and successful life and career!

Happy Birthday to Summer Glau. Many happy returns. I'm looking forward to see Isabel Rochev in Arrow.

Greetings fom France

Side note: thanks Fermi for gathering these great videos!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 23 Jul 2013, 20:06 GMT [Entry]

From Shaquille via Twitter:

  Message #3 | Fox012 | 23 Jul 2013, 20:53 GMT [Entry]

And every Year It points out that I'm just 2 1/2 months older then Summer... wacko but  this is not the point of my Post...

So I say... 

Happy Birthday to Summer

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 23 Jul 2013, 21:55 GMT [Entry]

From Lawrence Cwiok via Facebook:

I hope that you have a GREAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! May the Lord continue to bless you!

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 23 Jul 2013, 22:43 GMT [Entry]

From Andrey Cristian via Facebook:

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday Summer, God bless you and fulfil all your wishes because there is no one like you

  Message #6 | Robert | 24 Jul 2013, 00:19 GMT [Entry]

Happy Birthday Summer smile

  Message #7 | ogy86 | 24 Jul 2013, 00:26 GMT [Entry]

Dear Summer!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday.
You are my most favorited actress! I admire you for your acting talent. I
love your characters Cameron from TSCC, River Tam from Firefly and
more. Now I cannot wait for your participation in the series Arrow. But
equally, I appreciate your approach to us fans. Several of my friends
had the opportunity to meet you at social events and they all say how
much you were kind and nice to them. I also never forget what you did
for my dear seriously ill friend Karen Wing. During your live-tweeting
to the season finale of Alphas, you're left encouraging message for her
and you cannot even imagine what it meant to her and her family. I also
heard from a friend of mine, who was meeting you at Philadelphia Comic
Con that he got from you a signed picture with a beautiful birthday
message for Karen.

Thank you for all that you do and I hope we'll see you in many memorable roles. You deserve it, Summer!

I wish you much happiness in your personal and professional life!

I hope I get the opportunity to meet you one day.

  Message #8 | dylangillian | 24 Jul 2013, 00:36 GMT [Entry]

happy birthday summer, if i didn't know this was your 32nd birthday i'd say it was your 22nd

  Message #9 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 01:50 GMT [Entry]

From ..bαbι&кιккα..via Facebook:

Happy 32th Birthday Summer Glau!

  Message #10 | Choupy | 24 Jul 2013, 03:04 GMT [Entry]

Happy birthday Summer Glau !
and beautiful video Fermi300.
Thank You a Summer Glau Wiki to permit of share this moment between fans.

  Message #11 | robbo | 24 Jul 2013, 03:08 GMT [Entry]

its that time of the year again, but summer is ok she maybe 32 today, but she certainly does not look it, happy birthday summer glau, i hope you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by your family and friends, smile

  Message #12 | Metal | 24 Jul 2013, 06:14 GMT [Entry]

Happy Birthday!

Many many love arrows your way. :P

  Message #13 | Charley_Dixon | 24 Jul 2013, 09:10 GMT [Entry]

Happy Birthday Summer!

  Message #14 | Cegorach | 24 Jul 2013, 09:17 GMT [Entry]

I've sent my message already so no point to repeat it here.

It's Wednesday so time to visit the Glau-verse.
Good Lord the fans have been busy...

Overall looks like a good week for her so the birthday must be even sweeter than usually.

All - the Inside the Box available to the contributors (got my link today), the Arrow trailer, the Bohemia... thing and the episode on Adult Swim. Really it is like a mini-feast for the fans.
Especially the short movie.

  Message #15 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 14:27 GMT [Entry]

From Juliano Pinderi, via Facebook:

Happy birthday cameron phillips Happy birthday

  Message #16 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 14:29 GMT [Entry]

I must say the last few days have been busy for the fan sites, to the point we sometimes had difficulties to keep up with the flow of news biggrin

  Message #17 | Ander | 24 Jul 2013, 14:38 GMT [Entry]

Summer Happy Birthday
For the actress most talented, beautiful and sweet with a bright smile and a face of an angel
I wish you all the best and God will continue lighting your way and still gracing us with his new work … smile

  Message #18 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 15:00 GMT [Entry]

From Musa Payzulaev, via Twitter:

@chrisdvanne Happy Birthday Summer!!!

  Message #19 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 16:16 GMT [Entry]

From Michael, via Twitter:

@chrisdvanne: Happy 32nd Birthday Summer. *big birthday hug* #SummerGlau #Browncoats #Shiny

  Message #20 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 18:24 GMT [Entry]

Lincoln Quan, via Facebook:

Happy Birthday Summer!

  Message #21 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 21:02 GMT [Entry]

Brandon Pierce, via Facebook:

Happy Birthday to the greatest and most beautiful actress in Hollywood! The definition of awesome, Summer Glau!

  Message #22 | Cegorach | 25 Jul 2013, 06:48 GMT [Entry]

True, true, but isn't that what we are (not-) paying you for after all? wink

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