Summer Back as Ravager in the Season Finale + "Unthinkable" Promo

Summer Glau will be back in the season finale of Arrow titled “Unthinkable”. She will reprise her role as Ravager and will definitely kick some ass (or get her ass kicked), judging from the (very brief) Summer Glau as Ravager sighting in the promo video for next weeks episode released by The CW (look at 0:12 of the video). 

UPDATE 1: The CW has released the extended promo trailer for the season finale and it looks like it won't end well for Summer Glau's character next week.
UPDATE 2: A new trailer for "Unthinkable" includes an exclusive first look at the Arrow spin-off series, The Flash (and the fight scene between Canary and Nyssa vs Ravager is gone).



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Check out promotional images for "Unthinkable" featuring Summer Glau.

Here's the description for 'Unthinkable':

OLIVER MUST DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL IF HE’S A KILLER OR A HERO — Slade (Manu Bennett) moves forward with his plan to kill one more person in Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) life. While Oliver has fought all year to be more than the killer he once was, when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver’s heart, Oliver is pushed to the edge and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) takes on Amanda Waller (guest star Cynthia Addai-Robinson) with a little help from some friends, and Thea (Willa Holland) turns to Roy (Colton Haynes) in her time of need. John Behring directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg (#223).


So don't miss Summer Glau as Ravager in the exciting season two finale of Arrow next Wednesday, May 14 at 8/7c on The CW.

08 May 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 10 May 2014, 10:44 GMT [Entry]

Since Team Arrow has the anti-serum, they will probably shoot Slade's army with it and maybe Isabel also.
Isabel is in the same situation as Sebastian Blood (before Ravager killed him). There's no way she can simply walk away free after the season finale, given she was Slade's accomplice.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 08 May 2014, 16:11 GMT [Entry]

The extended trailer and the new scenes with Isabel Rochev/Ravager leave very little room for doubts about the fate of the character.

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