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Summer attends Wizard World Austin Day 2

Firefly stars having fun with fans at Wizard World Austin
Firefly stars having fun with fans at Wizard World Austin

All of Austin’s true nerds are dressed up for Wizard World Austin this weekend! Texas native Summer Glau is there too, for her first public appearance after the birth of her second daughter, so be sure to congratulate the second time mom. When she and Val are not busy bottle feeding their two daughters, Summer will took part in photo ops (solo and group) and signing with the fans, along with a panel with her Firefly co-stars Jewel Staite and Sean Maher. You can check out photos from the event and panel in our gallery now.

We will have numerous photos of Summer to share throughout the weekend, so please stay tuned and check back on a regular basis! Thank you all for sharing!

Lots of geeky mom talk with a few of my faves at Wizard World Austin
First images of Summer from Wizard World Austin
First images of Summer from Wizard World Austin
First images of Summer from Wizard World Austin
First images of Summer from Wizard World Austin
The #Firefly panel with @JewelStaite, #SummerGlau, and @Sean_M_Maher has begun! #wizardworldaustin

Pictures courtesy of : @feliciaday | | Vinny Chou |  wearetexas  | @shuffleonline 

Read below a few impressions from the Firefly panel, thanks to @Pure_Fandom and @shuffleonline :

Jewel Staite wants to sit on the Iron Throne. Summer Glau wants to be a care bear.

  Summer: “I’d like to bring back Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” Sean: “I didn’t know I could love you any more. Now I do.”

Summer Glau talks about using her ballet skills and mixing them with martial arts and kickboxing for her role as River.

Their favorite scenes to shoot were in the dining room.

Favorite sci-fi outside #Firefly? @JewelStaite says Contact. @Sean_M_Maher says Pretty Woman. Summer Glau says Star Trek: The next generation.

Summer Glau also loves C.S. Lewis books. @Sean_M_Maher loves Lord of the rings.

#Firefly was such a special experience and @joss hand-picked the whole cast and crew. Sean: “Joss is the symbol of this beautiful family.”

Jewel Staite explains the BTS jokes of whenever someone messed up on set, they're say it was Summer's fault. Lol.

@Sean_M_Maher says he’s seen every episode, 8 times over.

Do you have a dog? @JewelStaite named her dog Charlotte after the character in #SexAndtheCity.

“If you’re doing a long, long shot, you don’t want to be the one to screw it up,” @JewelStaite says

If you could program yourself as any personality? @Sean_M_Maher: “if I said Dexter, would that be creepy?”

“We had stray cats come to our set and pee,” @JewelStaite says.

Favorite ships? @Sean_M_Maher says Simon and Jane. “That was hot… Oh wait what?”

How to deal with romantic scenes? The consensus is to get drunk!

“When a show goes on and on for years… That’s a rarity,” @JewelStaite says. “It’s like winning the lottery.”

JewelStaite and @Sean_M_Maher would not leave Summer Glau alone with their kids. Lol.


Watch a clip from the Firefly panel, shared with permission of Instagram user Bethany DLS


Summer always tries to make every person feel special, so getting to see her might take a bit of time, but it's worth it! Or else, you also have the whole day tomorrow to meet her. 

If you attended Wizard World Austin this weekend and would like to donate your photos I would love to share your photos and experiences meeting the Firefly stars on the site, so please feel free to email me at – Full credit will be given.

More photos of Summer and reports from the convention will be posted in the Wizard World Austin 2017 forum thread.

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Being up all night is inevitable for any mom welcoming a newborn baby. I think she looks great though :-)

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