Videos of Summer's Panel at Comic Con Russia

Video of Summer Glaus Panel at Comic Con Russia

Check out these videos of Summer's panel at this year's Comic Comic Russia. Hopefully the video of the full panel will be available soon.For example, you can see Summer showing how to throw a fake punch (at Oliver Queen, aka The Arrow), or telling to Russian fans how grateful she is to be able to visit Russia and that it has been a lifelong dream of hers.

UPDATE: the videos been combined in a Youtube playlist


See the first images of Summer from Comic Con Russia.

02 Oct 2015
Total comments: 3
  Message #1 | Rally205 | 02 Oct 2015, 13:46 GMT

Wow. That is short. I hope you can get the full video.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 02 Oct 2015, 14:12 GMT

Obviously Comic Con Russia organizers filmed Summer's panel so I hope we'll get the full video soon.

  Message #3 | REG | 24 Nov 2015, 13:01 GMT

That was interesting. I love her Mario outfit! I had the theme playing in my head a little while watching this lol!

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