Sequestered 1.05 'What's In The Box' - Captures and Clips

138 screen captures of Summer Glau in the fifth episode of Crackle's thriller Sequestered, titled ''What's In The Box', as well as 5 video clips of Summer's scenes are up in the Photo and Video Galleries.
In  'What's In The Box', tempers flare as the deliberations drag on. Anna (Summer Glau) and Ryan (Ryan McPartlin) concoct a scheme to expose a juror’s secret. Governor Bennett takes matters into his own hands. Nora confesses to Danny, who then investigates Pritchard. Anna panics when she can’t reach her sister.
Be aware of spoilers when viewing the clips. Previews and links are below, enjoy!

Sequestered 1.05 'What's In The Box' - Captures and ClipsSequestered 1.05 'What's In The Box' - Captures and ClipsSequestered 1.05 'What's In The Box' - Captures and Clips

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Check out this short clip in which Anna (Summer Glau) and Ryan (Ryan McPartlin) elaborate a plan to find the mole among the jurors.  More videos are up in the video section. 

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Finally, I'm glad the series is so well received by critics and fans alike.  Sequestered has it all; great acting talent, good storylines and many twist and turns. Can't wait to see the remaining six episodes on October 14th!
We will be publishing screen captures and clips from the sixth (and last episode of the first batch) soon, so come back to visit us regularly.
08 Aug 2014
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