Recap of Summer's Panel at Phoenix comicon

Read below excerpts from the report of GB Reviews on Summer's panel at Phoenix Comicon.

Summer Glau at her Phoenix Comicon panel
Summer answering fans questions at her Phoenix Comicon panel

As I mentioned, Summer Glau’s panel was scheduled to begin at 10:30am, but when that time came around, the moderator came out and made an announcement that she was running a few minutes late, and pointed out that she has a newborn. The panel actually got started around 10:45am.

The moderator started things off, commenting how people often ask panelists what it’s like to work with someone else, so he said he wanted to ask Summer what it is like to work with Summer. She shared with us a story about her first acting scene, which was a scene with David Boreanaz, and confessed that she had lied on her resume. So she was doing to scene with him, then David tells her, “You see that tape on the floor over there? That’s your mark.” The tape was about 2 feet away!
Summer was also asked about her role on Arrow, as Isabel Rochev. She said that she was a little confused about her role, as they wanted her to play an elegant businesswoman. But then she read the Ravager script and thought, “YES!” She especially loved spending time with Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity. As to whether she’s coming back to Arrow, she said she has her fingers crossed!

Apparently, she was also on a Hallmark Christmas movie. She said she had grown up watching Hallmark Christmas movies, so it spoke to a childhood dream. Summer commented that it was her family’s favorite job she has ever done, because they saw a lot of her in her character.
Fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles would have been interested in hearing what was planned for Season 3 had the show continued. Summer said they were going to go to the future, and keep going back and forth, with her playing both Allison and Cameron. She had been excited to play two different roles in the same show, so she was disappointed when it got canceled.
When Summer was asked about if she would have wanted to be in The Avengers, Summer said she wanted to be in the background, like a secretary or something, but it didn’t happen.
When asked what it was like going back and doing the voice of River for the Firefly video game, Summer said that she was a little worried at first, wondering how she would be able to get back into a character she had played so long ago, but then once she got going, it felt like no time had passed.

Read the full recap of Summer's panel at Phoenix Comicon at and see images of Summer at the convention in the gallery.

02 Jun 2015
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