ProSieben Maxx to air Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

ProSieben Maxx to air Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The too-short run of the action packed sci-fi drama Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets a second life on German channel ProSieben Maxx.

ProSieben Maxx will begin airing the first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Tuesday - the show's regular time slot - December 15 at 02:55am with the first two episodes back to back. So look for a whole lot of Sarah, John and Cameron each Tuesday for all German fans of Summer who didn't see the show the first time around – or want to re-watch the series again and ponder how cool Season 3 could have been...

Watch an introduction sequence for TSCC with the German voices of Summer Glau, Thomas Dekker or Lena Headey.

German channel Prosieben interviewed Summer about the first season of TSCC a few years ago; watch the lovely interview below:


14 Dec 2015
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 14 Dec 2015, 21:56 GMT

I prefer the original version over the dubbed version any time. No matter what you're watching, the people who are giving their voices are missing one simple but most important part of all of it, the soul.
Anyway, the important thing is that more people will watch the show...and of course Summer Glau's awesome performance as Cameron.

  Message #2 | pamelajackson123456 | 21 Dec 2015, 12:58 GMT [Entry]

Oh I adore this website! what a gratitude which I never ever seen, An Action packed era for attracting others. We as a casual folks always curious to see behind the scenes of the movies lol

  Message #3 | Cammy | 21 Dec 2015, 20:44 GMT

I was in Germany once; literally everything on TV was dubbed (that the correct word?)
But you're right Chris, the good thing is that people will watch the show smile

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