New mugshot by Joan Allen

Photographer Joan Allen posted on her Facebook page a never seen before photo of Summer Glau from the 2009 Mugshots serie.

Joan Allen Photo
Here she is. My muse. My friend. She'll definitely be in my Mugshots coffee table book.


Summer Glau by Joan Allen

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15 Jun 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Jun 2013, 08:06 GMT [Entry]

As KortoloB mentioned at the SG Reddit, we have not seen a new photoshoot since the TV Guide magazine photo shoot made on January 2011 for the launch of NBC's serie The Cape.

In most cases, a photo shoot is made to accompagny the launch of a new tv show or movie. Since Summer has not filmed something big enough to justify the making of a photoshoot, this is not surprising we have not seen a new one.

  Message #2 | Fermi | 15 Jun 2013, 19:54 GMT [Entry]

Pure awesomeness

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Jun 2013, 22:59 GMT [Entry]

This combination of innocence and insolence is a real eye-catcher, especially in B&W. The eye of the watcher is not distracted by colors and allows to focus on the subject itself.

  Message #4 | Metal | 15 Jun 2013, 23:20 GMT [Entry]


  Message #5 | robbo | 16 Jun 2013, 03:12 GMT [Entry]

very sultry and seductive summer looks, a real eyecatching set of photos, very nice,

  Message #6 | locutisofborg | 21 Jun 2013, 00:21 GMT [Entry]

yeah, very...sultry. Summer does look hot in the 'Mugshots' by Joan Allen. Very nicely done.B)

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 Jun 2013, 00:39 GMT [Entry]

Yes, this is precisely what I like in Joan Allen's work: she can do sultry photo without being trashy.

Welcome and thanks for this first comment smile

  Message #8 | locutisofborg | 21 Jun 2013, 00:53 GMT [Entry]

I've always liked the second one she did. It was just enough to cross that line into not revealing too much skin. Summer does have that natural beauty to her. Hard to see that in many of today's top A list stars.

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