My 2 Year Reunion with Summer: Impressions of Wizard World Philly Comic Con 2015

As I woke up on the morning of Saturday May 9, 2015, I knew I had a big day ahead of me; it was the day that I was going to see Summer Glau for the first time in two years. So, I got ready for the day and boarded the 9:00 train to Philadelphia, only to arrive 5 minutes before the convention opened its doors. I wanted to show up early as possible as it was a lesson I have learned from the last time I ventured to Philly Comic Con. Apparently, every other con-goer had the same idea, so I had to follow a human river into the exhibition hall where the event was being held. 

As soon as I got inside, I immediately began to scout out the celebrity booths and the photo op area. I passed Summer's vacant booth and remembered that she was due to be in a panel with Nathan Fillion in the ballroom upstairs. After getting my photo op ticket redeemed, I went straight to the ballroom. The convention staff was nice enough to let some people in a little early before the Dr. Who panel with David Tennant and Billie Piper wrapped up. I managed to grab a seat near the microphone where the audience's questions were to be taken; I'm glad I did so because I wanted to ask Summer a question that I have thought over before coming to Comic Con. During the wait, I learned that Mr. Fillion couldn't come due to medical reasons; I have heard that he is usually the life of the party during panels and I'm sure that this one was going to be no exception. 

During the panel, Summer shared stories ranging from her career to her family life. Most the questions that were asked were ones that have been asked before and she gave pretty much the same answers. When it was my turn, I'll admit I was a little nervous since it was my first time participating in a panel discussion in front of hundreds of people. Here is exactly what I said: 

Hi there. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your visit. Please send Mr. Fillion our regards and that we wish him well. Now to the question at hand: I recall in previous Q&As, you stated that one of your favorite movies growing up was Camelot and that your dream role was to be in a Medieval period piece. So I was just curious, did your role in Knights of Badassdom fulfill that dream role in a way or are you still waiting for the real deal? 

When I recalled what she said in previous Q&As, she seemed touched that I remembered that. She answered my question stating that yes, her role as Gwen in Knights of Badassdom did fulfill her dream role in a sense. After the panel ended, I walked out with a sense of accomplishment. 

The next few hours, I wondered around the convention to kill time before the Photo Op at 4:00. I passed by her booth several times just to catch glimpses of her conversing with her fans and captured a short video of Summer signing autographs at her booth. It struck me sort of odd that I didn't see her husband there to help out, but then it occurred to me that he was probably looking after their daughter; being as young as she is, a convention would have probably been too much excitement for her to handle. 

As the time for Photos Ops was approaching, me and many other anxious fans gathered to the Photo Op area. During the wait, I seemed to be the only one who noticed Summer entering the area; she walked in in the company of a staff member while she was talking on her cell phone. Around 4:10, the line began moving at a steady pace (guess it took a while for the Photo Op staff and/or Summer to get situated). 

In no time, it came to be my turn. I approached Summer and we greeted each other. Then she said with a heart-warming smile on her face, "Thank you for the question at the panel." I was surprised and touched that she remembered me and that my question seemed to mean something to her. Bashfully, I replied, "Hey, you're very welcome." It was then I presented her a special gift: an authentic Amish knit potholder (I left a note inside it for her to read later, basically describing the item and giving my best wishes to her and her new family, as well as a wish for a happy Mother's Day. Sure hope she had the chance to read it). She examined it for a few seconds and said, "It's very beautiful! I love it!" I smiled back and replied, "I'm glad you like it." Then we got our photo taken together. Here is the final product: 

Matthew posing with Summer at Philly Comic Con 2015
Matthew posing with Summer at Philly Comic Con 2015

Once the photographer confirmed the photo turned out good, Summer and I faced each other to say our farewells. With the same smile, she said, "Thank you so much for everything!" I simply replied with a smile, "You're very welcome!" We wished each other to have a nice day and I was off to retrieve my print. As I turned in her direction one more time, a dark-haired middle-aged woman who seemed to be accompanying Summer smiled at me and said, "Thank you", to which I nodded in reply. Soon after I got my print, I headed home. 

Looking back, I would say that my two year reunion with Summer (although she didn't bring up our meeting back in 2013), was a great experience and the convention overall was bigger and better than the last time I was there. Just like two years ago, I felt the same warm, friendly, and welcoming vibe that she seems to give off. It could be just me, but her pleasantness and sweetness seemed to have doubled since I last saw her. Some things that I was surprised to hear during the panel were: 

1.) One of her sisters works at one of the hospitals in the city and is involved in some ministry (I'm curious to find out which one so I could offer some support for it). 

2.) She and her husband came to Philly on their own accord shortly after their daughter was born and got to tour the city a bit. 

3.) She is a huge fan of the Rocky films (one of my aunts is a huge Rocky fan as well and I'm sure they would have something to talk about if they were to encounter one another). 

I hope she had a great time at Philly Comic Con and has felt the love of her local fans. Also, as always, I wish her all the best in any future projects that she gets involved with.

11 May 2015
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 11 May 2015, 12:01 GMT

Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing your impressions from Philly Comic Con.

  Message #2 | MattM | 11 May 2015, 16:57 GMT

You're welcome. Glad I could share my experience with everyone here. smile

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