Joan Allen Teases Fans With Sneak Preview at Her Video With Summer, Val and Their Dog Stan

Summer Glau's dog StanleyPhotographer Joan Allen announced on Twitter she was editing a behind-the-scenes video of Summer and her husband Val's photo shoot celebrating marriage and maternity, to be published soon. She also posted on her Instagram account a sneak peek teaser clip of the upcoming video...featuring her dog Stan. Check out the video debuting Summer's cute rescued dog Stanley below and tell us if you think he has "huge ears like Yoda", as Summer described him at her Q&A panel at Supanova Melbourne Expo 2012.

This is a sneak peek of Stan. Starring soon in a lil movie I filmed. Calligraphy by @lhcalligraphy.

Source of the video: Joan Allen Instagram

UPDATE: Check out the Behind the Scenes video of the photo shoot with Summer and Val.

We can't wait to see the final video, which should also contain a message of Summer for the fans. So stay tuned

Here's Joan Allen's Tweet announcing the upcoming release of the video with Summer, Val and Stan.


We have been talking for months about Summer and her husband Val's photo shoot celebrating marriage and maternity by photographer Joan Allen. Joan even posted a lovely photo of the Summer and Val shortly before they welcomed a baby girl named Milena earlier this year.

29 Mar 2015
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