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Jeff 1000 Episodes Now Available Online!

Summer's new show Jeff 1000, a web series by Wired magazine, premiered online today, Monday  December 15th. Wired released three short digital episodes, as well as a few interviews and behind-the-scenes videos. The premise of the show - a former industrial robot who goes to Hollywood to be an actor and becomes Summer's best friend in the process - had us grinning.
The first three episodes of Jeff 1000 got some pretty hilarious moments and we had fun with it (Oh the TSCC feels...). Summer really got into the role and did a great job from it. See it for yourself and watch each episode, as well as the trailer and Behind the Scenes videos, in the Youtube playlist below (select a video by clicking the PLAYLIST button on top left).


Screen captures of Summer from the Jeff 1000 shorts have been added into the photo galley. 
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Jeff 1000 is also availavle on and
15 Dec 2014
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