Interview with Summer on Jeff 1000, How Whedon Changed Her Life, and More

Summer Glau as herself in Wired web series Jeff 1000

Summer talked to indiewire about her new series Jeff 1000 for Wired, being a "sci-fi actress", how Joss Whedon changed her life with roles in Angel or Firefly and more.

Find below an excerpt from Summer's interview for indiewire and follow the link for the full interview.

Question: Luckily the stuff you get to do in science fiction is really fun. What's the craziest thing you've found yourself doing?

Summer Glau: I think "Terminator" gave me a lot of those, "Oh my God, is this really happening?" moments. Like when there was a scene in "Terminator" where I was smashed between two semi-trucks and I was pleading for my life, that's one of those when you walk on set and they're like, "Are you ready to get in between these two trucks with your head sticking out?" and they give you all these different appliances glued on your face. You really do have this out-of-body experience where you're looking at yourself from above thinking, "This is my life today." I love that. 
I felt that way with ["Jeff 1000"] too. I've never had the opportunity to do comedy before, so that was really fun for me. Standing there with this nine-foot robot and realizing that this is my collaborator for the day, that's another "this is my life" kind of moments. I connected with this nine-foot robot. That's the fun of science fiction. 

Link to article: Why 'Firefly' and 'Jeff 1000' Star Summer Glau Loves Making Sci-Fi, at indiewire

22 Dec 2014
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