Interview: Arrow fans are wonderful, even though I played a nasty villainess

Interview: Arrow fans are wonderful, even though I played a nasty villainess
Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev in Arrow 2x01 'City of Heroes'.

Summer did a fun little interview with the Brisbane Times on the occasion of her visit to Brisbane for Supanova Expo. In this short interview, the new mother looks back on a touching encounter with a little girl dressed up as River Tam at a convention. She also mentions how Joss Whedon changed her life and is grateful for the support of Arrow fans.

Check it out below.

Axes and swords are a part of actor Summer Glau's job, so when a fan confronts her with a weapon she usually smiles.

One passionate young fan did just that, and mastered with the moves as Glau's character River Tam. She left quire an impression.

"She had the axe and the sword in her hand and she did the pose in the poster, it will be forever embedded in my memory," Glau said.

"I will never forget it, it was right after Serenity came out, I was doing a convention in London and the little girl came up to the table and she was dressed perfectly like River, my character from Firefly.

"It was really moving for me."

The characters she has played over the years have covered many fandoms, but they all have something in common - wonderful fans.

Even the fans of baddies are nice.

"Arrow fans are wonderful, they are very nice to me even though I played a very nasty villainess on Arrow."

Meeting the creator of Firefly, was the biggest turning point in the former ballet dancer's career.

"It changed my life when I met Joss Whedon and did a guest star spot on his TV series Angel," she said.

"He was the first person to really take a chance on me and very shortly after that, he had written Firefly and after that my life changed.

"It's been very good to me, I didn't anticipate that my career would take off in this genre."

After taking a little break this year, looking after her new baby, Glau is ready to find her next role.

It looks like Summer will be back on our screens soon :-)

Side note: the Londonian convention following the release of Serenity mentioned in the interview is most likely  Starfury Serenity Squared.

On the same topic, you can read the interviews Summer did ahead of her visit to Australia for the Supanova events, one for Rip It Up and one for the Sunshine Coast Daily. You can see images of Summer from Supanova Adelaide 2015 and Supanova Brisbane 2015 in the gallery.

30 Nov 2015
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