Images from Summer's final day at Montreal Comic Con

Summer's first day at Montreal Comic Con was a blast. Today, Summer will be meeting fans for the usual autograph and photo sessions (photo op at 12:00 PM) and she will answer burning fan questions during her Q&A panel scheduled at 2:45 PM.

If you're at the convention, don’t forget to send us your impressions gained from meeting Summer. For all of those who couldn’t make it to Montreal, check out a random selection of images of Summer and follow the link to the gallery for more.

I got to meet Summer Glau today, so I'm happy #summerglau #firefly #serenityAlso there was that time we hung out with #SummerGlau. However, she was not interested in @SteveZ001 evil plans.The lovely #summerglau !!! Thank you for being so gracious and genuine and sweet! It was a dream come true to meet you!One of the best moments ever with #summerglau !!! Thank you for being so amazing!With actress Summer Glau from Firefly/Serenity, Arrow and much more...#SummerGlau in her true form as a woodland fairy princess #MtlComicCon#SummerGlau in her true form as a woodland fairy princess #MtlComicCon

Pictures courtesy of : ariidesharnais @DroidsCanada | charmedcrochet333  Nick Therrien | @TheGameOfNerdscjlo1690am

Read below a few impressions from Summer's panel:

#SummerGlau breaking my heart by discussing how season 3 of #terminatorsarahconnorchronicles would have gone – from @brianholidae

Summer Glau being sweet and funny. Telling stories about @NathanFillion – from @thegreatlea

I held him on such a pedestal. He was my hero. I never wanted to disappoint him.” – Summer Glau on @Sean_M_Maher – from @AndreeAnneHP

Some actors just make you better. He was that for me. I was swept away [in our scenes]. – Summer Glau on @frankranz in #Dollhouse – from @AndreeAnneHP

“I still can’t believe @AmyAcker did that to me! She’s SO sweet in real life!!! [laughs] We’re still friends.” – Summer Glau on #Dollhouse – from @AndreeAnneHP

We hope everyone had a wonderful time in Montreal and meeting Summer in person. Summer's next convention appearance will be at Comic Con Honolulu that will be held July 29 – 31, 2016 in in beautiful Hawaii. 


11 Jul 2016
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  Message #1 | Admirator | 11 Jul 2016, 05:26 GMT

"Summer Glau being sweet and funny". Yes, i always wanted to say, that despite Summer stating every now and then that she is not funny, i can see only otherwise. She IS funny and by recognizing the humor of others she prooves that. And being funny/having sense of humor, is an activity that needs an advanced brain wink .

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