Images from Summer's final day at Comic Con Honolulu

Images from Summer's final day at Comic Con Honolulu
Images from Summer's final day at Comic Con Honolulu

Summer's first day at Comic Con Honolulu was a blast. Today, Summer will be meeting fans for the usual autograph and photo sessions and she will answer burning fan questions during her Q&A panel scheduled at 1pm in 316.

If you're at the convention, don’t forget to send us your impressions gained from meeting Summer. For all of those who couldn’t make it to Hawaii, check out a random selection of images of Summer looking gorgeous in her Hawaiian style dress and follow the link to the gallery for more.

Aloha Summer! Come visit at Comic Con HonoluluSummerGlau held my tiny human again while wearing a sailor hat my husband gave her! #firefly #ComicConHonoluluKind of fitting that I ended my summer by taking a pic with Summer Glau! Enjoyed chatting with her for a little bit and attending her panel!Shaka! #summerglau from #firefly #comicconhonoluluSecond time meeting Summer and she is such a wonderful and kind person. There is a reason she has so many fans. Shout out to her hubby for being so chill and making sure everyone's pics came out good.Summer Glau's reaction to my purple jacket was priceless! #summerglau #sarahconnorchronicles #cameronphillipsLooks like Summer Glau found a little Pickachu All-female Firefly crew with Summer Glau

Pictures courtesy of: eggfooyoung45 @TheOriginalZodi | carq20 alanisobe seancena laforetnoire | Beata Jesusa Bautista | Gypsy Madden

You can also watch the full video of Summer's panel.

Here are a few impressions gained from meeting Summer:

I asked her to do the shaka and at the urging of her husband, she flashed it! I also asked her to move to Hawaii and she seemed enchanted by the idea! - alanisobe

We hope everyone had a wonderful time in Hawaii and meeting Summer in person. Summer's next convention appearance will be at Dragon Con that will be held September 2 - 5, 2016 in Atlanta. 

31 Jul 2016
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  Message #1 | Admirator | 01 Aug 2016, 05:10 GMT

She wears a cockade of the United Federation of Planets-Star Trek smile too!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Aug 2016, 14:24 GMT

For your viewing pleasure, here's a photo of Summer's husband Val doing the shaka sign during Philly Comic Con 2013 (he was only her boyfriend at the time) smile

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