First round of Montreal Comic Con photos

Summer attends her first Montreal Comic Con this weekend and we have the first round of photos of Summer for you to view below!

For the lucky ones amongst you who have the chance to go, don't forget that Summer's photo op session is at 2:15 PM. Otherwise she will be meeting you and signing autographs at her booth. We would love to hear some of your stories, so don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below or send them over by mail.

We will have numerous more photos to share throughout the week, including photo ops, photos from Summer's panel and more, so come back regularly!

First round of Montreal Comic Con photosFirst round of Montreal Comic Con photosFirst round of Montreal Comic Con photosFirst round of Montreal Comic Con photosFirst round of Montreal Comic Con photos

Pictures courtesy of : @AndreeAnneHP | vincetherockmanhi_its_a_m_a_n_d_a@stromgol666Eric Côté

Find below a few impressions of Summer's first day at Montreal Comic Con:

After #summerglau added her signature to my #firefly poster, she said the next one to sign it should sign all over @NathanFillion's face lol - from Andrea Hebert

Summer Glau brought out her kid at @Mtlcomiccon and it made everyone “awww” including peeps in @elizadushku & @IMBrettDalton’s lines. #cute She really is! [cute] And she looked in awe of the crowd. Adorable lol…Someone from @elizadushku’s table (not sure who) asked whose kid it was & Summer adorably pointed at herself lol @Mtlcomiccon – from Andrea Heber

So I'm kinda in love with Summer Glau, and her husband and daughter! Such an adorable family. That kid has stolen my heart!! - from Renna Pierrepont

We hope everyone is having a wonderful time in Montreal and meeting Summer in person. If you couldn't make it today, tomorrow marks your last chance to meet her.

More information on Summer Glau's appearance at Montreal Comic Con 2016, as well as photos and reports from con-goers will be posted in the Montreal Comic Con forum thread (check it regularly).

09 Jul 2016
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  Message #1 | robbo | 10 Jul 2016, 03:29 GMT

Summer Glau has got that look again. Sometimes you just look into Summer's eyes and know those are the eyes you want to get lost in for the rest of your life.  smile

  Message #2 | Admirator | 10 Jul 2016, 10:17 GMT

Cameron strikes back smile , yea! She doesn't choke just to choke. She never have biggrin ! (ref. Dialog in TSCC between Sarah and Cameron. -We don't kill just to kill. -I never have! (Episode 221: Adam Raised a Cain))

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