First images of Summer from Dragon Con

First images of Summer from Dragon Con
First images of Summer from Dragon Con

Summer's convention marathon in September kicks off with her third appearance at Dragon Con in Atlanta. So if you're at the con this weekend, you can stop by her booth to say hello, share the love and get an autograph from her.

First images of Summer are up and it looks like she is having a wonderful time meeting you guys. Don’t forget she'll have a panel with the Flash/Arrow guests today at 1:00 PM at Hyatt Centennial II-III. Meanwhile check out these lovely images of her. We will upload more images, including photo op (solo and with her Firefly co-stars) and panel when they arrive.

Summer Glau I met in Atlanta! She is very personableJust met Summer Glau!!! God she is sooo sweet and super gorgeous and god so pretty! #DragonConJust met Summer Glau, so very happy.First images of Summer from Dragon ConFirst images of Summer from Dragon ConSummer Glau at the Flash/Arrow panel at Dragon Con 2016

Pictures courtesy of : Phillip Bond@RheanaCaskettStephen DawsonCharles KellyBrian Boyle@chrisweddle


Read below a few impressions from the Flash/Arrow panel:

Flash/Arrow #DragonCon2016 was LIT. Everyone was fun and nice and Summer Glau's voice is ASMR. - @sheff_wes

Summer originally wanted Isabel to have a Russian accent and they wouldn't let her. #TheFlash #DragonCon - @haylee_fisher

Summer Glau (Isabel Rochev) says her character on Arrow changed completely through the writing of her arc.
- @CammienRay

Summer was down to earth and hilarious! Glad I got to see her and the others there! - marla_johnson

Summer Glau said the pants she wore on Arrow were so tight her husband had to actually pick her up and shake her into them. - bamsmackpow

Summer Glau said Isabel was a tough role to play because she had never played a villain before but enjoyed her time on the set of She loved playing Ravager but her costume was tough to get into. Those leather pants don’t play around. - twocentstv


Tomorrow is your last chance to meet her for a photo op and to attend one of her two (!) panels, the Firefly Guests panel at 11:30 AM and the Flash/Arrow panel at 4:00 PM. We hope everyone has a great time in Atlanta and meeting Summer in person. We would love to hear some of your stories, so don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below or send them over by mail.

More information on Summer Glau's appearance at Dragon Con 2016, as well as photos and reports from con-goers will be posted in the DragonCon forum thread.

03 Sep 2016
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