Firefly Online Game Filming Summer's Recording Session

Behind the scene photo of Summer Glau voicing Kara/Supergil in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)
Summer Glau voicing
Supergirl in Superman/
Batman: Apocalypse
The creators of the upcoming Firefly Online game will be filming Summer Glau during her recording session of her River Tam dialogue for the game. How awesome is that?

UPDATE: The creators of Firefly Online have released the full behind the scenes video of Summer's voice recording and interview for the game.

For the record, they announced a few days ago they will do a short interview with Summer when she's coming to the studio to record her voice over and wanted to know what us fans would like them to ask Summer.
We did our part and posted our questions on the Firefly Online Facebook page. But we also requested they take photos of Summer while she's recording her lines, to which they answered, "We're doin' one better and filming her!".
Who is excited to watch the behind the scene video of Summer Glau voicing River Tam for the Firefly Online game?


30 Aug 2014
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