Firefly Browncoats Unite - Becoming River Tam

There wasn't a lot of Summer Glau in Science Channel's Firefly 10th Anniversary special 'Browncoats Unite', but they've posted an unseen footage from the Firefly reunion, titled 'Becoming River Tam'.

Summer Glau talks about how natural it was for her to become her character, River Tam.

17 Nov 2012
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  Message #1 | robbo | 17 Nov 2012, 03:09 GMT [Entry]

she handled the questions in a calm and cool seductive way. bit nervous but overall no problem for summer glau. proud of her she did well, she looked amazing as always. boy i miss river tam. smile

  Message #2 | Mahri | 17 Nov 2012, 05:01 GMT [Entry]

Wow, you said everything I was going to say. That's so funny. And yes I definitely agree biggrin

  Message #3 | robbo | 20 Nov 2012, 03:02 GMT [Entry]

thanks mahri. our minds must think alike, maybe next time, i might be saying wow, to yours. smile

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