Fan's Impressions on Meeting Summer at Chicago Comic Con

Fan's Impressions on Meeting Summer at Chicago Comic Con

Appearing at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con this last weekend, Summer chatted with fans, signed autographs, posed for photo ops and attended the Firefly panel with her co-stars Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin. Fans were kind enough to share their photos and impressions on meeting Summer and her husband Val.
You can view their photos with/of Summer and read their account below.

Summer and Val featured in comic strip

Graphic artist Michael Change made a funny comic strip featuring Summer Glau and her husband Val Morrison. The idea was sparked by a post I made through the site's Twitter account @summerglaucom informing a mislead fan that Summer has no Twitter account.

In the days prior to the convention, Michael and I discussed the unfinished comic strip. I already liked the first 3 panels of the strip but the ending reserved a surprise and we didn't know how Summer and Val would react when Michael would show it to them at Chicago Comic Con. Summer and Val have had a bad experience with an obsessive fan in the recent past but they also have a great sense of humor and I was convinced they would love it. I know I do! 

Take a look at the comic strip below.

Summer Glau and her husband Val Morrison

When Michael finally had the opportunity to show Summer and Val the comic strip at Chicago Comic Con - and get her autograph at the same time -, it was a real satisfaction for him to see that Summer and Val enjoyed it. 

Take a look at the photos of Summer and Val holding Michael's comic strip.

It was a sweet, funny moment - it took them of guard in that it was not typical - they were entertained and assumed - at least that's how I read their reaction :-)
So post panel it got hectic for Summer; as I handed her my photo to be signed I handed my sketchbook to Val and said, "Either this strip is very funny, or perhaps it's not". Fortunately, they saw the funny. :-)
Val had read it first and laughed; then turned to Summer and said "you gotta see this" and she laughed; and I was ready to rip the pages out to give to him and goes "no, no -- it's perfect just like this." And I asked could I have a picture of you holding it. And he said of course. All this while still trying to crank through a bunch of autographs and had photo ops to do, grace under the madness of it all...

Summer Glau and Val Morrison at Chicago Comic Con, August 22 - 23, 2015Summer Glau and hubby, Val Morrison approve of my comic strip :-)


Nicolas crossed the Atlantic to meet her favorite actress

Italian fan Nicolas Moscatt was very excited to be able to meet Summer at Wizard World Chicago and send us this touching report.

Nicolas crossed the Atlantic to meet Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con

My journey to meet Summer Glau and fulfill my dream began on August 16 when I left from Bologna, Italy with my dad, and after many hours of travel we arrived in Toronto, Canada and stayed there for three days; then on August 19, me and my dad left by car for Detroit and the next day we left to go to Chicago for Wizard World Comic Con.
I finally met the wonderful woman I love during my first autograph session with her. Meeting her, talking to her and looking into her eyes was a wonderful experience, plus I got to meet her husband, a good guy who also knows Italian. Later I had my photo taken with her at her booth by her husband, then by a professional photographer from Photo Op Celebrities. Then, on Sunday, August 23 I met her again and she immediately recognized me and greeted me, which has filled my heart with joy; then I gave her the picture of our Saturday's photo op to be signed and I told her that I appreciate her work in all the TV series and movies she was in, which pleased her. Lastly, I shook her hand and we said goodbye ... I am convinced that Summer Glau is the nicest person and sweetest person that I've ever seen, she really has a big heart ... and she won my heart!!!!

Many thanks to Michael and Nicolas for sharing their impressions with us. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all Chicago Comic Con attendees for sharing such lovely images of Summer. It means a lot for fans who don't have the opportunity to meet Summer in person, whether they are on a budget or lack of time or live in another country.

You can watch more images of Summer at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2015 in the gallery.

28 Aug 2015
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