Cool stories from Rhode Island Comic Con

Cool stories from Rhode Island Comic Con
Cool stories from Rhode Island Comic Con

Now that the Rhode Island Comic Con madness is over, it's high time for the cool stories of the convention. I collected for you a couple funny and touching Summer Glau moments that happened last weekend. Happy reading!



Summer told Jay, "she missed her calling as a Christmas elf", when he met her. lol

Me and Summer Glau!

Of course, the single best moment of the show was getting to add Summer Glau to the list of Firefly / Serenity cast members that I've been able to meet. She was the main reason I was at the show. When they announced she was going to be a guest months before the con, that's when I knew I was buying my ticket.

We waited in the winding line for over an hour since we were in the "general" line instead of the VIP fast lane. But at long last it was my turn! And while I didn't come close to pulling a "Wolowitz", I was quite excited to meet Summer.

I shook her hand in greeting and had a brief conversation where she mentioned how much she loved the "Jaynestown" T-shirt I was wearing. And dear readers, this is where I had my one fanboyish moment of the con. I say this because my response to her comment was an almost shy and retiring "I wore it because I was getting to meet you today." And yes, I was mentally slapping myself as I heard that sentence coming out of my mouth. I'm pretty sure my brother wanted to make the slap a reality. Of course, I didn't tell her that I also had a "Keep Calm and Bring Grenades" T-shirt underneath the first shirt.

I brought my copy of the Firefly: The Official Companion - Volume One that I bring to have signed when I get to meet one of the cast members. I didn't ask her to personalize it beyond my name but she quite awesomely added, "No Power In The Verse Can Stop Me", which I love but would likely have never thought to ask her to do.

While she was signing the book I saw one of her stills from a Hallmark Christmas movie that she was in, playing one of Santa's elves. I commented that I really liked that movie and how I made a point of watching it when it aired. Summer said that she really liked the movie and that she missed her calling as a Christmas elf.

After the book was signed and the conversation ended, it was time for my photo with her and I think it came out pretty well.

Jay's full report about his RICC experience can be read here.


When a dancer meets another dancer, what do you think they talk about? Cass was kind enough to share her lovely RICC experience with us.

This was my very first Comic-con ever. So I was immediately struck with the over-whelming sense of "I found my people" but also just in sheer awe of it all. I had heard that Summer Glau was a very lovely person to meet but I didn't know HOW lovely until I had the chance. 
I am a dancer so Summer has been an inspiration for me in both life and in the studio. So I thought it would be really amazing to have her sign my very first pair of pointe shoes that have been retired for almost ten years. 

When Summer saw my pointe shoes she got super excited and we started talking about dance. Instead me asking her questions it was Her asking ME questions! I was so thrilled that I almost forgot to show the socks I was knitting her that I was almost finished. She immediately took the finished sock and was in shock. She told then that she hated to say it but "Go and finish these. I want my socks. You better bring them back"

Right before I left she stopped and said "Wait. Can I give you a hug?". I couldn't believe it! Of course I said yes. 
It felt like a dream to meet someone who has been such a healthy role model for me.

Later I returned to give her the socks and she got really excited and thanked me again with another hug. I ended up talking to her for a bit at her booth because it was near the end of the day and no one else was around! It was a really chill chat. It was just like chatting to someone I had met before! Anyway when she had to leave she thanked me for being supportive of her! And then she said "One more hug before I go?". 
I can't believe I got these experience and I'm forever grateful to Summer for being such a genuine person. :)



Patrick had a very cute encounter with Summer.

Me and Summer Glau!

So here's my story of Summer Glau at RICC.
So I go up and we talk Firefly.  She was kinda surprised that I watched it when it was actually on TV.  Pretty standard stuff, pretty standard autograph, and picture.  Now usually I would ask for hugs but you also have to gauge the line and Summer herself to see if it's a good play.  Well, the line was long so I was said "I would ask for a hug but..."
Summer interrupted me and says "I give hugs!"  Like I offended and insulted her.  And she hugged me.  Like she had something to prove. Almost like she was saying "See, I'm hugging you right now!"



Dan's lovely story featuring Summer's daughter Milena will steal your heart. 

My reason for going, getting to meet Summer Glau. She was so nice. Her daughter was here and was adorable!!

Hi Chris, sadly my story isn't very long as she had a line and couldn't spend very much time with us individually. She was very nice when I got the professional photograph with her. When I did go to line on Sunday to get her to sign my photo and my Firefly box set, about 5 minutes before she came out her husband came out with their daughter and she waved to everyone, which made us all melt. Summer seemed very genuinely happy to see everyone there to see her. When we spoke she said that of course she loved her daughter but was not expecting how much fun it would be. She signed my Firefly box set with a small phrase from the show that made me laugh "I think I swallowed a bug". Sadly because I had a 5 hour drive ahead of me I didn't make it to her panel Sunday late afternoon. I would happily attend any other convention she attends.

I did tell Summer she should have her daughter be her lead off, as we all loved seeing her and it gave us all warm and fuzzy feelings and didn't mind waiting. She really appreciated that



Dan talked to Summer for a bit and give her a few restaurant recommendations in Providence.

Me and my favorite Terminator. Such a beautiful person, inside and out!

So I finally met Summer Glau! A bucket list moment for me, as I have been a fan of hers since Firefly, but so much more during Terminator TSCC run on Fox. She was an absolute pleasure to meet. She was nice, and took the time to talk to me about a few things. I mentioned to her about how disappointing it was that Fox canceled TSCC, and how I wish Firefly had a chance to continue. She agreed. She then asked me about Italian food in the area, and if I had any suggestions. I told her the best restaurants in the area (since I’m from Providence). It was an honor meeting such a lovely human being. I hope all her true fans get the opportunity.



Summer's superpower is making people happy, and Matthew does not disagree.

Me and Summer Glau!

I should start off by saying that Summer is the reason that I went to this convention in the first place. Granted there were a lot of really cool celebrities that I was excited to meet (like Stan Lee, Gal Gadot, and Millie Bobby Brown), however, she was my draw.

With that said, I went to her table three times over the weekend. The first time was on Saturday. I got her autograph (personalized). She was very inviting and lovely. She seemed genuinely happy to meet me. The second time I went to her table was also on that day. This time I went to get a picture. She then proceeded to tell me that she loved my “Grrr Argh” t-shirt [Editor's note: the logo of the production company created by Joss Whedon] and my Star Trek phone case. The third and final time was on Sunday. After waiting 4+ hours in Gal Gadot’s autograph and photo-op lines, I decided to return to the main hall and remain there for the remainder of my time at the convention. Then, I decided one thing that would really cheer me up is to see Summer just one more time before I leave the convention and head back home. So, I stood in line and had another photo taken of us. After the photo was taken by her assistant, she proceeded to tell me that it was nice to see me again. The fact that she remembered me made me feel better than I’ve ever felt before. Every time I went to see her, I left feeling great. I left in a better, happier state than when I got in line. I do plan to return to RI Comic Con next year and I hope she plans to as well. And if she does, in fact, go, you can count on me being at her booth to say hello.



The coolest gift ever. Another lovely story by Justin.

Me and Summer Glau!

Yeah....I come up with the coolest gifts at times. #flashbackfriday to last weekend when I got #summerglau to autograph and pose for my friend who I have known for 32 years. It is times like this that make me feel the biggest joy in seeing celebrities at cons now, either meeting someone new or getting someone something from the one person they really love.


Keep checking back in this space for updates! Please let me know what were the highlights of Rhode Island Comic Con for you in the comment section. I’m always curious.

16 Nov 2016
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