Convention stories: Alamo City Comic Con

Convention stories: Alamo City Comic Con
Convention stories: Alamo City Comic Con

Now that all the Alamo City Comic Con madness is behind us, I just thought I'd share with you a couple inspiring experiences and stories from people who had the chance to meet Summer in San Antonio.

But first let's hear what Summer herself has to say about the convention (interview by

"It’s the only convention in the world where I can sleep in my own bed and just come in to town,” Glau said. “I’ve been looking forward to doing Alamo City Comic Con for years, and I’ve had a wonderful reception so far. It’s great, great to be around all of my hometown friends. And I think it turned out great this year.”


Kelsey's story

Summer Glau holding the picture engraving I made for her.

I can tell Summer is a genuine person and radiates great energy. And she's absolutely beautiful inside and out. She thought my cosplay costume was very creative! It made me feel good! I love Serenity and Firefly and now I need a marathon!


Christian's story

Summer Glau, Charlie Cox and @milliebbrown were so nice to replace my stolen autographs. @alamocitycon ended up great.

Hi, I’m the one who had my autographs stolen. What happened was there were so many people who wanted to take pictures with me in my costume [Editor's note: Carl from The Walking Dead] at the end of Saturday that my mom was trying to help out by offering to take the pics for them. She was trying to hurry because every time she took one, more people kept asking, so she sat our stuff down and was trying to take all the pics quickly for people so they wouldn’t have to wait and so we could go get dinner (I’m diabetic and hadn’t eaten since breakfast). When the crowd cleared, my mom grabbed her backpack and we started to walk away. She said wait - I didn’t put the autographs in the backpack yet, do you have them? I didn’t. We started looking everywhere, all over the floors, around the tables, even went to the bathroom and checked trash cans. I went to security to see if it was turned in to lost and found and my mom started figuring out what to do if they don’t turn up.

There were a total of five autographs stolen. Two were from Summer, one for me and one for my mom’s friend. Then there was one picture of Elden Henson and Charlie Cox from Daredevil that Elden had signed for me at a convention in June and I had just gotten Charlie to sign for me. And Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things. To replace all of them would be over $200. I had already used my savings to buy those and didn’t have any more money. My mom decided she would buy them all for me again if she had to.

We went back to the convention on Sunday, even though we were only supposed to go on Saturday (we live around 7 hours away). When we got there, we checked again with security to see if anything was turned into lost and found. It wasn’t. My mom explained the situation to a very nice lady who worked there and she offered to get us wristbands so we wouldn’t have to pay admission for the day while we went back through for autographs.

Then another volunteer who was working at Millie’s table recognized me from the day before even though I wasn’t in costume anymore and even remembered my real name. When my mom told her what happened, she talked to Millie’s handler and they discussed it with the manager and Millie’s mom and they all decided to let Millie re-sign another one for me for free! I was so surprised and happy.

Then we went to Summer’s table and everyone there was so nice. They immediately recognized us from the day before so were concerned why we were back. My mom told the story and Summer and her husband didn’t hesitate to sign mine AND the one for my mom’s friend again. My mom and I were both shocked at how nice they were. I hope I get to meet them again. They even said that if we have any trouble getting the others replaced, to let them know and they would try to help us.

Since my autograph from Elden Henson was from an older con, I wasn’t sure if I could even get it replaced. We went to Charlie Cox’s table and my mom told the volunteer what happened. He told the handlers and they told Charlie, who was so sad and shocked that someone would steal personalized autographs. Not only did he sign another, he told us to wait right there for a second, grabbed a second picture off his table and walked away. My mom and I looked at each other, confused. He took the picture to Jon Bernthal and got him to sign it, then he took the picture to Eldon and got him to sign it, too! I never, ever expected that. He was so nice. Everyone was, from the staff and volunteers, to the celebrities themselves. It ended up being one of my best days ever.


Dan's story

Summer Glau holding the picture engraving I made for her.

Summer has been my favorite actress for some time. When I found out she was coming back to Texas, my inner geek started screaming at me to buy tickets. I had never been to a comicon, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and bought tickets for 2 days and rented a hotel room. There were plenty of other celebrities there as well, but none that I was huge fan of, so I was pretty much going just to meet Summer and figured I’d enjoy the rest of the con as well (I did).

My job involves woodworking, so I decided to make her a laser engraving of one of her photos and Serenity. I was geeking out for at least a week before the con. I also brought my Serenity poster for her to sign. I was extremely nervous waiting in line to meet her. When I showed her the engraving, her reaction was everything I had hoped for. She and her husband both admired it and seemed surprised that I was giving it to them. I figured they would get tons of stuff from fans and it would just be another item in a pile, so I was thrilled that they liked it. I was so thrilled (and nervous still) that I completely forgot all of the questions I had for her. I got her autograph and a picture with her holding the sign. Val was awesome, taking several shots and making sure they were in focus. At this point, my inner geek fainted and I all but fled from her booth.

I knew I wouldn’t get to talk to her at the photo op, as it’s pretty much just an assembly line, but she did recognize me and thanked me again. I fled.

I debated with myself on waiting through the line again to ask the questions I forgot earlier, but her line was always long and I figured I still had another day, so I’d just catch her then. I was first in line on Sunday and was much more collected than I had been the day before. I knew what I wanted to ask, and I had my inner geek gagged and in a straight jacket. I bought another autograph, though not personalized this time as I may give it as a gift (then again, maybe not. Don’t know that I like anyone well enough to give them that), and spent a few minutes talking with both her and Val. They said they showed my engraving to her parents and they loved it as well. I felt very humbled.

Everyone who meets Summer says how nice she is, and they are absolutely correct. She was very sweet, humble, beautiful as always, and personable (when I wasn’t too freaked out to talk to her). What I didn’t know was how nice Val was. I enjoyed talking to him just as much (well, almost as much). They make a great couple. I have the utmost respect for the man who caught our Lil Albatross.

There’s a fine line between a big fan, an obsessive geek, and a creepy stalker. I’m pretty sure I avoided the third one, but not so sure about the 2nd. Especially after I told her, quite truthfully, that meeting her has been the best experience I’ve had in several years. Pathetic? Maybe. Do I care? Not really. I will happily do it again the next time they come to Texas. Thank you Val and Summer, and God bless you both.

Randy responded to Dan's report on our Facebook page:

Dan, I was behind you in line when you gave that to her and I have to agree. She was very personable and a pleasure to talk to. Still upset they cancelled Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Elly's story

San Antonio native Summer Glau was so sweet to talk to!

San Antonio native Summer Glau was so sweet to talk to! We obviously needed to take a photo with her because .... We also met her husband who was so awesome to talk to!! That guy is so hilarious and great. She's great. They're great.


You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans or signing autographs at her booth in the Alamo City Comic Con gallery album.

I promise to revisit this topic again, and gather more stories about meeting Summer and Val and how real and gracious they are with fans. I’m sure the stories will be similar, and thankfully so. A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, want to share your story/photos with Summer, please contact us or leave a comment below.

On the same topic, check out photos and stories of fans who have recently shared with us their Summer Glau experience:


Side note: I didn't publish the stories Christian and Dan send us but asked them to use the ones originally published at another fan site instead.

07 Nov 2016
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