Arrow season 2 Premiere - Advance Review

Oliver Queen and his abs don’t return for the second season of Arrow until next week, but Craig Byrne at ksitetv gives us a spoiler free advance review of Arrow Season 2 premiere 'City of Heroes' which airs Wednesday October 9 at 8 pm on The CW.

Here's an excerpt on the introduction of Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev as Oliver Queen adversary:

Back in the city, things are not going so well for the Queens. Thea has her act together at least, and is now running Verdant, but Moira is one of the city's most hated due to her confessed involvement in the leveling of the Glades that killed so many people. Queen Consolidated is also in trouble, as a businesswoman named Isabel Rochev (played by genre fan favorite Summer Glau) is positioning herself to take over the company... and she's not the type of person who is okay with not getting what she wants. Oh, and going back to Thea? She's doing well, but her boyfriend Roy Harper is causing her stress, as he is going out at night trying to help the city now that the vigilante isn't around to do his thing anymore.

If you're not afraid of mild spoilers on season 1, you can read the complete review at ksitetv.

Vigilante copycats spoil the business meeting between Isabel Rochev, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoake.
Vigilante copycats spoil the business meeting between
Isabel Rochev, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoake.

It looks like the producers of Arrow have come up with an intriguing storyline for season two and it's gonna be really interesting to see which way the Isabel and Oliver relationship is heading.

Don't miss Arrow season 2 premiere on October 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

06 Oct 2013
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