Alphas - New season 2 promo video with Summer

Syfy released a new promo video for the second season of Alphas, called "Every Change Brings Bloodshed"; at 0:24 of the video, you can catch a glimpse of Summer Glau as Skylar Adams.  That Cameron Hicks's voice-over says "We all know what the government does to Alphas" at the same time is maybe not a coincidence.



Alphas - New season 2 promo video with Summer GlauSneakpeak


Don't forget to watch Alphas on Mondays at 10pm on Syfy (and Space Channel in Canada); Summer Glau should appear first in episode 2.06 titled 'Alphaville', set to air on August 27.

28 Jul 2012
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  Message #1 | Alex | 28 Jul 2012, 19:38 GMT [Entry]

This looks great! In Skylar's episode last year, government interference and intervention were important drivers of character in the plot. Skylar sought to protect herself and her daughter from government. Now Hicks provides a bridge to that episode (and not just that episode as I realize government as it is portrayed is evil throughout the series). So where could this lead?

Has Hicks sold out to protect himself? if so, to who? Red Flag? Government? Was he trying to explain a choice that Skylar made? Has Zoe been kidnapped and if so by who and for what reason? We shall see.

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