A delightful Browncoat family had the pleasure of meeting Summer at Supanova

A delightful Browncoat family had the pleasure of meeting Summer at Supanova

It all started when I came across this lovely photo of a Browncoat family taken during Summer's photo session at Supanova Expo Adelaide 2015, taken by our friend Richard (read his impressions from the convention).

Browncoat family at Summer Glau's photo session at Supanova Adelaide
Browncoat family at Summer's photo session at Supanova Adelaide

The most sagacious observers will recognize, besides the mother dressed up as Zoe and the father as Captain Mal, the oldest girl wearing River's red outfit in Firefly 1.05 'Safe', a little Inara in purple dress and necklace, a little Wash wearing an Hawaiian shirt, the little girl holding her mother's hand as Kaylee - see the wrench in front pocket -, but omg baby Jayne wearing a Blue Sun t-shirt and with Jayne's hat wrapped around the stroller...cutest ever!

The excitement and anticipation of seeing a photo op with Summer and this charming family set my pulse racing. So I then decided to make a call on Twitter in all hope really of recognizing and giving one’s good wishes for this family in meeting someone special and for their dedication. 

And it worked! Twitter user Kirsty McKenzie send me the following message, "It's @damsel_tilly's shiny crew! With Senior Costume Designer @TaraSalter1's expertise!", and gave a heads up to the mother of five at the same time. It seems Tilly was pleased to be the subject of so much attention and send me the following message, accompanied by a photo of her daughter posing with Summer Glau (see below), "Omg! Hi! This is me and my family! It was actually only my eldest daughter who got a photo :) " .

Tilly's oldest girl wearing River's red outfit in Firefly 1.05 'Safe'
Tilly's oldest daughter dressed up as River Tam.

In a polite way I asked Tilly what was the expression on Summer’s face when she suddenly saw them dressed up to the nines as members of the Serenity crew at her photo session. Her answer didn't disappoint, 'There was some jumping up and down and clapping involved lol! Summer knew exactly who we were when we went for autographs too :) ".

I told her that the most amusing thing was that Summer herself said in her most recent interview she’s considering by all accounts of dressing up her delightful baby daughter Milena for a future convention (read Summer’s interview). I wonder if seeing Tilly's happy family at Supanova influenced Summer in her decision to dress up her own daughter. But I digress.

Tilly seemed very enthusiastic and eager at the thought of seeing little Milena cosplaying River Tam or who knows maybe a Terminator, and said, “Oh my goodness that would be amazing! Her daughter is only a couple of weeks younger than my littlest too :) ”.


Finally, Tilly, her husband Ollie and their inspiring five kids all had such an amazing weekend at Supernova Adelaide and as we speak are already looking forward to planning their cosplays for next years convention. 

Our heartwarming story doesn't stop here as Tara Salter,  the Australian Browncoat and seamstress who worked on the family's costumes, tweeted her own photo op with Summer.

"With Summer Glau at Supanova Expo. She was absolutely lovely, and gracious. Pic of my fem-Wash and Badger cosplays."

Australian Browncoat and seamstress Tara with Summer at Supanova
Australian Browncoat and seamstress Tara with Summer at Supanova.

She told me that Tilly and her went on many a vintage shopping mission to find just the right pieces, and that she made the mini-Kaylee's costume.  I answered that their hard work paid off and that Summer could use their experience to dress up her baby girl as a mini River in the future.

It would be fun to see Milena cosplaying River or Cameron and I hope Summer eventually does that.

Many thanks to Tilly and Tara for sharing their impressions with us, and Kirsty for the heads up. You can see more lovely photos of Summer at Supanova Adelaide 2015 in the gallery.

This article was written in collaboration with our member robbo.

27 Nov 2015
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  Message #1 | robbo | 30 Nov 2015, 04:33 GMT

'I take my hat off to such an inspirational family' Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice. 
They look pretty amazing as a Browncoat Family.  smile

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